Friday, October 31, 2008


OK, so ever since I could read I have had my nose in a book. The first thing I do when moving to a new area is join the local library. Yes, I am a bookworm. And as a bookworm, I have always had the secret dream of becoming a published author.

I even know how I would word the dedication, but so far I have only had one poem published. Awesome, yes, but I have found something that may just catapult my dream into warp drive.

AddsYou has come into my life, and as an invited writer, I get to try out the alpha version of their business, eventually get paid for blogging and GET PUBLISHED. In the "Real World" out there beyond my little blog here. Oh. My. Goodness. Something I write here might get published. I am giddier than a school girl!

Needless to say, I am super excited. THRILLED doesn't even start to describe my feelings here. AddsYou is a network site that will be collecting writing samples from authors, professional bloggers, journalists, and just ordinary people like me so we can share our stories, passions, poems, plays, papers and resources with the world! AddsYou will market our writing to the rest of the world, like news papers, magazines, book collections, and other social public networks so that your dusty screenplays, novels, journals, thoughts, and reflections can finally find their audiences! And now there might be a purpose for all those 10 page reports I had to write in college besides collecting dust in my attic....

You can learn even more by listening to the AddsYou interview with and sponsored by

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