Friday, October 24, 2008

Adventures at the Library

So we went to the library for a few hours yesterday because it was raining like crazy ALL DAY and I just needed to get out of the apartment. The libaray is my favorite go to place on a rainy day-not much can top spending time reading books with Little Dude, talking to the librarians (adult contact, yay!) and finding great new reads for me (I am loving the Outlander series-fantastic!)

So where did the adventure come into my library visit? When I lost my keys.

Yes, you read right, I lost my keys. At the library. Right before lunch and nursing time. And Bill works AN HOUR away. Needless to say, I was ready to panic.

I asked everywhere, no one had found them. Then it dawned on me...perhaps I locked them in the car!!! I usually lock the car with my remote button, thus ensuring I can't lock the keys in, but this time I specifically remembered doing it manually because I had so many books, the sling, Little Dude and everything else in my hands...

So, I ran out to the car, IN THE DOWNPOUR, with BOTH the kids to desperately look in the windows to see if, in fact, I would need to be calling a locksmith and bugging Bill at work. Since I didn't see them, I actually panicked more, because, if they weren't in my car, then WHERE WERE THEY?

Well, you would all be proud of me, because I remained calm, ran back to the library (remember it was raining hard) and retraced my steps all the way back to where I had been when I first realized I was missing my keys.

And you know what? There were my keys!

Right there. On a book shelf next to the book I had wanted to check out before I realized I didn't have my keys (which has my library card on it).

Nice. Super nice. So, all three of us, soaking wet, finally got to check out books and then we went home, since, now that I had keys, we could get in the apt. Figured I should go and get in the house before I "lost" the keys again....

Can I still blame this brain dead moment on "pregnancy brain" or is 4 months after birth to late?


Caitlin said...

The other day I went to leave for work. I could not find my keys ANYWHERE. I'm panicking because I have a meeting that morning, and I needed to get in early to get some stuff done.

I had filled my water bottle before I went to walk out the door. John was helping me look for my keys and asked "hey, do you think you put them in the freezer when you filled your water bottle?"

I then proceeded to tell him that was silly, I would never do that, what a dumb place to lay down your keys, etc. etc......and then opened the freezer door to find them in the ice dispenser.

Happens to the best of us dear. If its pregnancy brain that does that, I've got a bigger problem at hand right now :) Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love how we don't agree, but can have great discussions on it anyway. I'll be thrilled when Nov 4th is here and we don't have to think about it for four years, though!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

This happens all the time with me! Oh my! So glad you found them!!