Monday, February 28, 2011

Pregnancy Aches and Pains

So, I am there. I'm feeling done with being pregnant, as bad as that is for someone who has had a premature baby to feel.

Last night, my sciatic kept pinching on whatever pressure point our little Champ was providing and it HURT LIKE HELL. Nice, sharp, stabbing pains every so often in each hip are enough to drive one batty. Especially if one is trying to sleep. Sigh.

Today, I have been cleaning like crazy, and trying to get the boys over whatever gross nose/sneezing/cough thing they have. Ugh on both parts, because laundry was involved as well.

And even my usual list of somewhat enjoyable house chores (like mopping the floors or picking up toys-those are WAY higher on my list than laundry) where slow going an exhausting with the stupid sciatic nerve pinching. And are there two nerves? I'm feeling the pain in both hips-and even right now they are both super sore and feel like I got punched in them multiple times.

Sometimes walking now, I almost stumble from the pain of moving my hips/legs. Mostly my right is giving me trouble just walking around-and the stairs in our house aren't helping any. I don't remember having the pinching never pain as badly with the other two, but I have heard most symptoms-like varicose veins, stretch marks, swelling, heart burn and sciatic nerve pinches get stronger or occur more quickly with each pregnancy.

Someone needs to remind me of that fact when, 2 years from now I start talking about babies again....

Anyways, I think tonight is a pizza night. I'm going to go put my feet up and see if I can find some position that makes my hips feel better. And then not move until Bill gets home.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Little Sister is Getting Married

Oh I am so very excited; my little sister, Julie and her long time boyfriend are FINALLY getting married. After dating 7 years and living together for most of that-it was about time! Hearing the news today got me so super excited and I actually wished I lived closer to her. She is still in our hometown, which I left at the first chance because it SNOWS waaaaaayyyyyy too much there for me.

Oh, I want to go look at wedding magazines with her and ooh and ahh over the ring and look at decorations and all that fun stuff. It would even be super fun to DD for her on her bachelorette night, since back when I got married, both my sisters and my sister in law (who were 3 of the 4 bridesmaids) were underage to even go clubbing, let alone drinking, for a night on the town. So I skipped that whole tradition. But it would be SO FUN to do it with my sister now and escort her around everywhere.

And as excited as I am that she and her great boyfriend are making it "official" now, I have to admit I am a little anxious.

I'm a little scared I won't be invited to the wedding.

My parents, I'm sure, won't want me there. It will be going on 2 years since my parents last spoke to me, and even now I'm not quite sure what happen or why they are even so mad at me, except I do know that part of it has to do with a blog post I wrote and the fact that I told them the silly fight they have been having with my Aunt, Uncle and Grandma (my mom's mom) was stupid and retarded.

It's too long of a story to go into, but essentially my mom feels she is owed part of her "inheritance" even though my Grandma is alive and kicking. Somehow Mom is convinced my Aunt has taken everything, when I know for a fact that my Aunt is actually paying out of pocket to cover care costs above and beyond what my Grandma's money,insurance, etc covers.

THAT fight broke out with great timing a few weeks before my wedding, and my parents, at the time, declared they would not come if my Aunt, Uncle and cousins came.

So I un-invited them, much to my dismay, because at the time, it was important to me to have my dad walk me down the isle. That, and my sisters both had no way to get down to where I currently live (and got married) unless my parents drove them. So, that was that, my Aunt and cousins came for a visit, didn't go to my wedding, and were gracious enough to not hold it against me.

The not speaking to me part? I wrote a blog post about how I wouldn't be using spanking-or any form of physical punishment-back before JR was even born-which is almost 3 years ago now-as a main disciplinary tactic when it came to raising my son.

My mom read it almost a year after the fact in my archives, and promptly decided she needed to start emailing my mother in law MULTIPLE times a day to explain her side of the whole stupid fight with her family, abuse she claims she went threw, and then started bringing up things from our family that I had never even discussed with my mother in law in detail, like the hitting, verbal abuse, physical abuse and mental mind games and more that went on -most I had never even mentioned to my mother in law, but then HAD to go into detail about after my mom started sending the emails.

Apparently my little innocent blog post 1 year prior had hit a never with my mom and she felt compelled to defend what she felt was rational discipline for a child like me. Because, you know, apparently spanking your daughter to the point she can't sit down is normal when said daughter is 17 years old.

That was something I had not ever mentioned to anyone before, but mom felt compelled to tell my mother in law about it from her perspective, which just caused me to have to talk about it and other things with my husband's family. That was fun, sigh.

After calling my parents to plead with them to please leave my mother in law alone, and to quit the stupid emails, my dad had the audacity to claim he had never touched me. Seriously, I thought my brain had snapped when he said it, and I hung up on him. I had to then call my sisters to confirm that I wasn't crazy and that things I remembered did actually happen.

My parents and I haven't spoken since, and they actually went through the trouble of changing their phone number, (though I don't know if it was because of me or other reasons, but my sisters have been informed not to give any of their new numbers to me, another sigh).

Today I kick myself for bending to my parent's silly demands at my wedding, especially now that they no longer speak to me and think I'm just the most horrible person on Earth. My mom has even told my sisters that she has no grandchildren, which really upsets me more than the not speaking to me part.

Honestly, my life is in much greater harmony not having to figure them out any more. But I do hate it for my children, and I debate about what I will say when they finally figure out that most people have TWO, if not more, sets of grandparents. Like I said, long story, and I explained more than I meant to.

Anyways, back to my little sister's awesome news!

I'm super thrilled for her, and hope she'll ask me to be a part of the big day, if not just a guest. I'm already giddy thinking about my in law's watching the kids while Bill and I go explore Asheville with my other sister and her boyfriend over the fun wedding weekend.

But, my fear is that my sister will be plunged into a similar choice between having me or our parents at her wedding, and I can honestly say I understand if she chooses having mom and dad there instead.

I'll be super sad, and a little hurt, but I know too just how upsetting, anxiety building and panic creating all the stupid chaos and drama my parents can bring-and I don't want for the world to have any thing happen that would "ruin" my sister's huge day-one that she certainly has been dreaming of for a very long time and deserves to enjoy without any hitches. I don't want to be the reason she is anxious and have her panicking over how my parents will behave if Bill and I are there. For my part, we plan to just ignore them and have fun, which I doubt will be hard, since I'm sure they would just ignore me as well.

But I don't know. So, those are the thoughts swirling in my head right now. I'm excited for Julie, but I am a little nervous to see if she will want me there. I'm hoping so, but I understand if she doesn't.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our First Rides

I never had a bike growing up, partly because living in the mountains off a steep driveway and even steeper yard didn't really provide a great place to learn, and partly because back then my parents just didn't have the money.

I did finally get one when I went to college, and trust me to say that I thought I would never live down the embarrassment of crashing into a light pole on the corner of Western.

After that, I just got up earlier and walked to class from my apartment.

Anywho. Bill and I were super excited for Christmas this year because THIS year, we were getting JR a little bike, and Little Dude (who already is quite a champ at his bike) wanted a scooter. Since we live in such a wonderful area, there is a fantastic park just down the street from us in our neighborhood, along with 4 or 5 other park choices right within a short drive from the house-so needless to say, there are TONS of places the boys can safely ride their bikes. We are all loving it.

Here is Little Dude getting geared up to take his scooter up to the park for the first time. His first trip was more of a slow walk/push/sorta scoot ride; he has since gotten much better and faster, much to my pregnant dismay, since I now must keep up with him and help keep JR steady on his bike.

Here is JR with all his safety gear on, taking HIS bike for the first time up to the park. He got a hang of the pedals about halfway there, thank goodness. Though we kept a hand on him the whole time, it was tons easier to give him pushes as needed once he wasn't pedaling against us...
We made it to the park! Our Little Dude, growing much too quickly.
Our JR, quickly catching up with his brother and also getting too big too quickly.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

60 Days

There are only 60 days left til my due date! Yippie!

I am super excited and super nervous.

I can't wait to hold our little Champ and break out all my slings and see cute toothless smiles again.

But I do have to admit, before each birth I get a little nervous about the future.

Like, will I do OK as a mom to three boys?

What will it be like getting the baby seat back in the van? What is the best way to arrange all the carseats for quick in an out buckling of everyone?

I actually have been thinking about that a lot. I'm lucky that Little Dude's preschool offers a drop off lane, so I won't have to actually get Champ and JR AND Little Dude out of the car to drop off and pick up-BUT I will need to figure out how to situate the seats so Little Dude can easily get in and out, I can easily get to him, and yet still easily get everyone in and out. I am almost thinking baby seat in the very back-then too if I need to stop and nurse in the car, I can sit right in the back easily and be hidden by the seats and dark windows while the other two either entertain themselves or complain to be set free.

I know, completely weird of me to obsess over how to set up the car seats, but at any case, I see a few days of moving things around pre-Champ's arrival just so I know how I will want it.

Though, since Bill and I will probably bring Champ home in Bill's truck, while Little Dude and JR are at home with Grandma and Papa (and thus they will need the van, unless we decide to drive the van home with all the boys...hmmm) I guess I will just leave the car seat and base at home and then we can put it in whatever car we decide to come home from the hospital in.

So many decisions, haha!

Anyways, on a different note, my cramps have stopped, and I'm just ordered to not lift anything even remotely heavy, which I really need to take advantage of. Laundry is heavy, right? Should I be folding clothes in my condition? I think not...

So, thus far, everything is going great, I'm taking it easy, and even go out of having to help Bill with our taxes by coming down here to "work" (aka write this blog post).

And now, we are off to the park, to enjoy the lovely sunny weather!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Deliver Me

I'm right at 31 weeks...and up until Sunday I was feeling fantastic. Starting Saturday night, into all day Sunday though, I had cramps in my lower abs.

Nothing regular, and nothing quite like contractions, since my whole belly wasn't getting in on the action, but every so often, everything would clench up and it would feel like someone had stabbed me.

It went on ALL DAY.

Needless to say, by Sunday night, I felt like I had done 1000 crunches. Which isn't fair, since I had not done 1000 crunches.

Today I took it really easy and mostly just sat around doing work on the computer (which I REALLY needed to catch up on) and my stomach acted much more nicely to me. So far I have only have the pains come a few times.

I see the doctor tomorrow morning, so for sure I'll be talking to them about the pains I have been having and what they might mean.

I have to admit, I'm terrified of coming early again. Little Dude was only 2 weeks early, which was really nothing, but it was so very scary when JR ended up coming an entire month early. Now I'm right around 2 months away from my due date (April 13th), and I want so very badly to keep this little guy growing until the end of March. Even better-the beginning of April. I'm really nervous about it, even though I realize I should just do what I can, and then leave the rest to God.

It is just so hard to not worry about delivering early, especially now that I'm having all these weird cramps. We are so close to being done and I'm just crossing my fingers we can keep going.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just for Kicks

Oh my goodness, I really can not believe it is February already! The time seriously has flown this pregnancy.

I still have so much to do to get ready, but on the flip side, we all free pretty ready.

We still don't have a name, but we DO have it narrowed down to two, so Bill and I have pretty much given up on picking one at this point and will probably just wait until we see him at the hospital before we can choose. Both are awesome names, in our opinion, so I think we cant go wrong with either one.

I still need to pack my bag. Yes, I realize it is kinda early to start worrying about that; however, I don't want another replay of JR's birthday, where everyone was gone, no bag was packed, and panicked calls to everyone that they were inducing me a month early....

So, yes, I have started gathering the stuff for my bag and getting it all packed (and including stuff for Bill to spend the night, too) just so there is no chance I'll be caught without it ready, should this guy come a month early, too.

I think the nursery is all ready.

We have the diapers all ready and washed (I cloth diaper) and the little clothes all folded.

I think even the boys are ready for their little brother-and for a fun overnight visit with Grandma and Papa. Little Dude and JR have been getting really excited about feeding and holding Champ, and I am crazy excited to get photos of the three of them all together.