Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Where?

Yes, I know, you guys just love hearing about my adventures in poop. That's really what it is: an adventure.

This potty training business is going pretty well, even though I have yet to start a timer or make him sit on his potty yet. He just tells me when he feels like it, I help him get his diaper off, and then he either goes, passes air, or just sits and plays with the toilet paper.

Either one is fine with me; I am just glad he is not scared of it and wants to sit on the potty from time to time. To be quite honest, I am in no hurry to potty train him-because for one he is not going to be 2 until the 4th, and once we start that I will have to face my biggest germ fear: public toilets with a child. And the need to stay near one whenever we go out until we have the potty training down...sigh.

And to further introduce you to the fun of potty training, let me just warn you that when your kid says "Poot!" you have to act quickly. Especially if your child is like mine and saves his poops for once every 3 days. Then there is A LOT of poop and the poor little Pampers just can't hold that much. No diaper could.

So, I went to a playgroup here in Mobile for the first time, and what did Little Dude come tell me? "Poot!" And what did I do? Not react quickly enough. We had poop all over his pants, down his leg ON HIS SHOES and since I didn't notice right away, as soon as I went to help take off his diaper I got it ON MY HANDS. Talk about gross.

So, we ended up leaving playgroup to go jump in a long bath and wash/throw out some very poop saturated clothes.I protected the car seat with a towel I had in the van-mental note that those car seat protector things will be on my shopping list this week. Thank God the playgroup only met 5 min from my house, any longer and I would've DIED from the smell in the car.

Ahh, the fun of parenting.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes, this is yet another post about poop. My Little Dude has been very interested in the potty, and thus it seems that potty training will be pretty easy for us (with him, at least). On Monday he pooped in the toilet for the very first time! Whoo hoo! He has been peeing once in awhile, but to poop! That is a great accomplishment!

But now, every few minutes he tells me he needs to "peep or poot". And then he insists on a new diaper. And he MUST "wipe" himself with toliet paper. Now if he were actually "peeping and pooting" that much and often, I would be fine with it; however, 99.9% of the time, he doesn't have to go yet, and I am now spending half the day holding him over the potty here because I made the mistake of leaving his potty seat back in NC thinking we would not really be needing it for awhile longer.

So, this afternoon I am going to go find a big boy potty (figured I might as well get the little potty since the bathroom in our apartment here has the room for it and it might save my back even more than just a potty seat! Anything to save my back...)get MORE diapers and MORE toilet paper.

It seems this potty training experience will be an expensive one....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Well, it is another Works For Me Wednesday!! We recently made a 15 and a half hour drive from Raleigh, NC to Mobile, AL, where we will be living for the next 10 months or so while my husband's company is here building a huge something or other. Yes, I said something or other.

Anyways, that drive was one to be remembered, as we had the van FULL of everything from our house we thought we would need for a 10 month stay in an apartment. Frankly, we couldn't see out any of the windows. The trip really brought new importance to the word "co-pilot". But I digress.

For Works For Me advice, I am sharing how we kept from going crazy on the drive for THAT LONG with an almost 2 year old and a 9 week old.

*We had this for Little Dude. He was able to draw, play with toys, and eat tons of snacks, all with a nice flat place to work.

*We had a cooler FULL of drinks and snacks. Our snacks consisted of mostly cracker type items-anything that could be vacuumed up later very easily and NOTHING even remotely sticky. For drinks, I just kept filling up Little Dude's sippy cup with whatever bottled things we had.

*We had different CDs made with various music and I had a CD full of lively dance music that Little Dude just loves

*We played "look at that" games with him. He is a little too young for "I spy" so every few minutes Bill and I tried to find something different or cool to notice. When we got desperate we started pointing out other cars or things in the car.

*We had a bag of small toys ready at my reach to pass off, as well as those color wonder markers and paper to keep him buys and our seats marker free.

*We named animals and their sounds. Little Dude loved making cow and monkey sounds over and was better than crying, even if we did hear moo a lot.

*I had a couple of changes of clothes and TONS of diapers for both kids readily accessible so car stops could be as quick as possible. We did pretty good since the drive was supposed to be about 12.5 and including time to stop and nurse JR we only added on 3.

*For one of JR's feedings I gave him a bottle in the car. Yes, I know nursing is best, and I do really enjoy nursing, but for the sake of saving time, he did get one formula feeding. And on a side note, in my opinion, whatever makes baby feeding the least stressful and most pleasant for Mommy and baby is what is right, be it nursing or formula.

*We left as early as possible in the morning so all our driving was finished about the time the sun set. That made stops easier, and since we couldn't see well out of the car, it made driving easier. I suggest though, if you're able, to do as much driving while the kids are sleeping when you can.

*I had about a 1000 pacifiers on hand for JR. Again, all easy to get.

*My husband and I actually TALKED. Amazing how quickly the time goes by when you are talking. Though I admit we did talk about his work some, as you can tell from my description of what he is down here building (something that will make steel..I do know that much...hahah), you can tell I learned a lot. But it was still interesting and fun to talk about.

*We included Little Dude a lot in our conversations about scenery, where we were driving, how he was doing, what we should eat out of the cooler, etc, I think he really enjoyed adding his two cents, "Mommy, I poot!!!" (why does mommy always get told where there is poop?) And it was a nice way to keep the time flowing.

*We prayed to the Gods to keep the kids from crying and us from going bonkers. Luckily, they were with us, and the trip was a very nice and smooth one.

*We don't have a car DVD player, and honestly I think there is enough tv in our lives without bringing it into our car, but I could see how for a trip this long it would be a nice distraction.

*We stopped at places where we could get gas and some hot food all at once-like those combo gas station McD's kind of stops.

*My husband and I took turns making bathroom trips so we didnt have to juggle the kids in bathrooms. I got first go every time-Bill is so awesome and I have a crazy small bladder; this he knows.

*Whenever we stopped for the bathroom we let Little Dude out to run around-we would park far away from other cars, hold his hand and luckily ended up near some grassy areas too, so he could get in the grass and we could be next to the car the whole time. We let JR our too, but he didn't really seem to care as much as Little Dude, JR was just happy that someone was holding him, be it the car seat or one of us.

Well, that is what we did, and it worked well for us. On our next drive back up to NC, I will let you guys know if the same tricks work again....

Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for more tips!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

INDIANA JONES at an Auction...

As everyone knows, I LOVE Indiana Jones. I am a die hard fan, and even with a few of the odd parts of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie, I still really enjoyed it and can't wait to buy it on DVD so I can watch it again. In fact, I plan on having an Indiana Jones marathon the weekend I buy the new movie. Just so you know.

And so, my awesome little sis, Lisa, found this clip on YouTube and sent it to me. It had me laughing, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tweightloss week 4

I missed week 3 due to the move and lack of internet, but now Tweightloss Challenge week 4 is here and to my surprise I am down 2 more pounds! Yay! I was discouraged last week when I didn't lose any weight and knew that for most of the move and unpacking period we would probably be eating junk-but, it seems that my fears were unfounded-I did well at keeping the snacks at bay! Whooo hoo!!

I have to say, after having JR, I was a little disappointed at how "jiggly" everything was-and still is-but I can slowly see changes coming and I really do have to put a lot of my encouragement to finally start the baby weight loss on Tweightloss Challenge. Everyone is great and everyone is going through the same thing-just trying to put the chips down and find the strength to start the routine of working out. There are lots of great resources, like Mark Salinas' site, and TONS of motivation from and for each other on Twitter. So, if you want to get in on the fun next time around, or even just do your own working out on your schedule, get motivation and tips from the great resources at:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks, Mom

Yay! My internet is FINALLY working and all set up-it was quite a fiasco and my oh my I am so grateful to have it up and running! I missed all the online interaction I get through my job and blogging!

On the note of interaction, I have had a great time so far here in Alabama, and I have met some really nice people. However, I realized that without internet to mess around on while the kids were napping, I was feeling really trapped in the apt.

And, for the point of admitting I was feeling really stir crazy and desperate to talk to people anywhere, I began to wonder how my Mom ever did it with my sisters and me.

See, we grew up in Barnardsville, NC, a little town that usually is not on travel maps-I did find it in one once, and was quite shocked. Barnardsville is so tiny, and mostly made up of very widely separated farms, that the house ACROSS FROM the fire dept. burnt down before the volunteers could all get "in town" to fight it. Our school was K-12 up until my middle school years, when a couple of new schools in the neighboring Weaverville town opened. So, my Mom was about my age, with THREE young daughters, all alone living on the side of a mountain with a driveway that was a number of miles long and many many miles from anything you could refer to as a "neighbor". And even those neighbors were farmers with cows or tobacco. No Mommy groups, or play dates, or even internet for her to vent on or meet other moms on. Nope. Just her, and us, and all the while my Dad traveled out of town Monday through Friday all of my childhood.

How she did it, and did it so well I will never know. Because for me, being without some type of outlet for only a week has been difficult.

So, Mom, I just want to say THANK YOU for being such a Super Mom and for spending all that time going crazy with your three girls. I love you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Well, after a very eventful 15.5 hour drive with the kids, we finally made it to Mobile, Alabama around 9pm on the 17th. It has taken me until today to finally feel unpacked and "at home" in a sense. I am now trying to remember where I have put things, but considering the active toddler and sleepless nights with JR, I would have trouble remembering anything even without a move!

So far Alabama has been very nice and friendly-in fact I made "friends" with two ladies while grocery shopping! Both I'll probably never see again, unless we end up shopping at the same time again, but in the course of walking around the Super Walmart store I learned about their families, life, dreams,...really, you name it I could tell you. Yes, Alabama has been really friendly so far, and I am really liking it.

The pool for our neighborhood is beautiful, with fountains and a small kiddie area that is perfect for Little Dude. In fact, today I took JR and Little Dude for a swim all by myself! How did I do it? I kept JR in his infant carrier and let him sleep in the shade while I swam with Little Dude. It was SO FUN. I have a carrier for the water, but with as active and fearless as Little Dude is when it comes to water, I am way to worried to try having both boys in the water without Bill around.

Our internet for the apartment is not working yet, and I hope it is working by Friday, because 1, my Dakno work is piling up and I don't want to disapoint my boss and 2, I need my little online social outlet. Even though most of the people I talk to online are technically strangers, I do really enjoy the "comradery" that forms between moms, even if they are virtual moms! So, I will be crossing my fingers I will be up and running on Friday and then able to blog reguarlly again.

Oh, and I left my power cord for transfering pictures from my camera to the computer at home in NC, so when we go back in a week for Little Dude's early birthday party, I will have to get that and THEN I can finally post pictures of the zoo and other such fun things we have done.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest!

Another school year means another year closer to college. For parents and kids, the solution to high college costs my lie in a little creativity and a peanut butter sandwich!

So, here is a fun way to be creative! The Seventh Annual Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest!!

The contest fosters creativity in children as they spend quality time in the kitchen with their parents. The Rules are:

*Open to children ages 6-12
*Entries will be accepted from August 4-November 14, 4008
*Five finalists will win a trip to New York City for the live judging event
*The grand prize winner will receive a $25,000 scholarship fund to help pay for college
*Four runner-ups will each receive a $2,500 scholarship fund

The Jif Moms Voice Their Choice Contest gives moms (or those inspired by one) a chance to share their stories about the choices they make for their families. The writer of the winning essay will win:
*A 4 day, 3 night trip to New York City with a companion
*A seat at the judges' table at the Seventh Annual Jif Most Creative peanut Butter Sandwich Contest final event.

For Offical Rules and entry forms and to lean more about the Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest and the Jif Moms Voice Their Choice Contest, visit beginning August 4, 2008.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here We Go....

Well, we have decided to go ahead and make the move to Alabama this Sunday. So, I will be packing tonight and tomorrow, loading the van (and hoping everything I packed fits...) Saturday, going to Mass Saturday night, and then taking off on the crazy 12 plus hour drive at 5am with the kids. That is the plan, anyway. Hopefully it will all go smoothly, but boy, I will be soooo glad when the drive is over and we haven't even left yet...Overall though, it is best to do it now, get settled, then fly back for Little Dude's second birthday and the opening Wolfpack Football game, and go to Cole's 3rd birthday party, hold Little Dude's 2nd Birthday party, then fly back after our friend Nik's second birthday party on the 7th. I am really sad we will miss Nate's 3rd Birthday, but at least we will make a few of Little Dude's friend's birthdays before leaving for 9 months.

I will be doing some updates along the way when possible thanks to my wireless card for the laptop and (I hope) catching up on my Dakno work, as I have been slacking lately. With a house full of people and my Dad staying with us for a few days while he worked in Raleigh, it has been hard to find the time to chase the kids, clean the house, make a list of WHAT to pack, PACK, and work on the computer.

And now, I am off to do some work for my boss, and then fall into bed, as I am crazy tired! Take care, everyone!

*OH, and I will get zoo pictures up here at some point tomorrow; I know I am late posting them for the family and friends eagerly awaiting them!*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work Work Work...

Well, I have discovered it is CRAZY hard to work from home AND keep up with the needs of two children. Esp when one is a wild man most of the day. My Little Dude is soon approaching his second birthday, and I think that his gears have permantly gotten stuck in the "always in motion" gear! Hahah! He can sure wear me out! And at the end of the day, I can't even think of anything in particular I did around the house or errands I ran, because the majority of my day I just tried to keep up with him!! I feel like I sound like a lazy bum when Bill asks how my day was and what we did, because the conversation goes like this:

Phone rings.

Me:"Hello? Hi Honey! How was your day?"

Here Bill goes into a good 1/2 hour to an hour of all the amazing things he has done at work all day and all the great responsibilities on his shoulders as he builds whatever it is in Alabama his company is building.....Seriously, hearing all the things he does makes my head spin and realize I am lucky to be staying home and not having to 'work'....

Bill: "So, how was your day? What did you and the boys do? "

Me:" Ahhh...we...ah...went to the library....played in the back yard...ate cheerios...took naps....made dinner...played with the legos and cars....watched for the trash ready for bed...yeeeeeaaaa...that was my day....."

I know there is no comparision, but really, it does sound kinda lazy. I've got to work on my descriptive words. I need to say things like....

*I saved the carpet from near ruin when a diaper exploded

*I kept JR alive by stopping Little Dude from jumping on him

*Taught the children the joy of outdoors and worked on Gross Motor Skills by taking them outside to climb, jump and run around. (This one sounds really good!)

*Worked on Fine Motor Skills by letting Little Dude color and draw. (this one also sounds very educational)

*I somehow got two kids out of the car in a busy parking lot, got them across the parking lot and into the grocery store, then somehow shopped and repeated the process back to the car. And I didn't loose a single one!

*I saved us money by remembering the library books were due

*I built a city with my son out of legos and blocks. (Yes, we housed all the stuffed animals and the cars; they were all quite grateful )This activity worked on Sensory, Gross, and Fine Motor Skills all at once. (Yes, I am good.)

*I remembered JR was crying because he was hungry. With a toddler remembering the time is a feat.

*JR finally pooped, relieving my anxiety that something might be wrong with his belly since it had been 3 days.

* Brushed my toddler's teeth, (another feat) and saving us thousands in dental fees for cavities.

*I entertained some friends and their toddler that dropped by for a visit.

*After the kids went to bed I tried to work on Dakno and make a little money

*JR pooped again and interrupted the Dakno work

*Then I got on my blog, further putting off Dakno work.

Yes, that was my day.

And now I am going to work on Dakno so I have some fun money to spend at Pullen Park next week as we go work on Socialization with some of our toddler friends. (We are going to go to a playdate).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

4 kids under 3 makes a ZOO

The zoo trip was a success! Much fun was had by all, and I got some GREAT shots of the animals (Kelsey would be proud of me)and I will download them tomorrow so everyone can see them Wed. or Thurs.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip:

*Little Dude would not keep his shoes on

*Keeley kept walking to strangers and saying hi-not good when we are chasing 2 other roaming kids

*Cole threw up in the car(apparently he gets car sick sometimes.). BTW it was MY VAN, but luckily it all ended up on his car seat and his mama. Not that I wanted Caroline to get thrown up on, but I am glad to not have to clean body fluids out of my carpet.

*Keely wouldn't eat lunch, because she wanted what Little Dude had.

*Little Dude wanted Keeley's raisins. Go figure.

*Caroline and I almost screamed at some kids to stop baning on the glass at the Gorilla exhibit, but luckily Sean saw that their father was rather large and standing there watching; so obviously he did not care, thus we just left for another animal site.

*I was stopped by 2 couples to ask about my stroller and how I liked it. I have the 2005 model of this stroller that I got for 80 dollars off ebay. It pulls to the left a bit, and is hard to maneuver if the heaviest weight is farther from the handle (so Little Dude usually sits in the back near me, and JR sits in his car seat at the front making maneuvering simple, but I figured Little Dude would see the animals better sitting up front), and overall a fantastic stroller. Esp for 80 dollars! I would not; however, pay the price for it new.
Amazing how I felt bonded to complete strangers just from talking about experiences with two children and the need to tie them down in a stroller while out and about.

*Jr slept the whole day, so I am scared he will be up all night. Sigh.

*I spent half the day pushing over 50 pounds up hills and the other half trying to stop it from free falling down the other side of those hills (on top of the kids I also had our lunches, diaper bags and drink coolers in the stroller; yes, it has that much room)

*My arms and legs are killing me. Not really a highlight, but just to let you know.

*Little Dude kept wanting to pour his water out on himself instead of drinking it.

*After he was done pouring it out, he would request more in such a way it sounded like he was going to just die of thirst, thus bringing my attention to the fact that he was just dumping the water on his lap.

*After the third time he just turned his sippy over and banged it to get the water out, I quit giving him the water. I spent the rest of the day looking like a jerk as my child begged for water. Oh the joy.

*I decided that next time we go, us parents need to bring some adult beverages to make it through the chaos.

The huge highlight of the day? For me it was a toss up between the seals and the polar bear, for Little Dude, it was riding in the fake helicopter set up near the Elephant exhibit. I think he died and went to heaven.

So, we had a major meltdown getting him OUT of the helicopter so others could have a turn. And the whole time he begged for water.

And the whole way back all the kids were wide awake, talking away, asking "WHY?", begging for water (against better judgment caved and gave him water only to have it poured out onto the van floor) and screaming. THE WHOLE WAY. Oh yea, and we had a temporary stop on the side of the highway for the throw up moments. Poor Caroline was covered. But again, I am a little glad it wasn't my carpet....

But honestly, with all the craziness, I had so much fun with the neighbors and kids; I am really going to miss them while we are in Alabama. Any amount of craziness is easily enjoyed when watching how much fun the three children had together (Jr is still to little to play and he slept the whole time anyway except to wake for food) and talking with dear friends.

Yes, Little Dude, JR and I had a wonderful zoo adventure with some of the most wonderful neighbors ever. We are very blessed.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kung Fu Fooey

Fooey! It is Tweightloss week 3, and sadly I lost no weight for this week. But today I am going to the Ashboro Zoo with my neighbors, so I am pretty sure that after chasing 4 kids around all day and walking/pushing strollers everywhere, that surely a pound will come off. Right? Anyways, no weight lost, so I will just have to do super good for week 3!

As I said, I am going to the zoo with my neighbors, which will be a super fun, as well as interesting trip! I can't wait to share photos, and hopefully none of the kids will climb into any of the zoo areas....hahahah!

In honor of my zoo trip, I have some goodies to giveaway, thanks to BSM Media! If you child loves animals AND the computer, then they will REALLY LOVE the Kung Fu Panda interactive CD. It is filled with games and all kinds of fun activities based off the animated movie staring a cute panda voiced by Jack Black. I have not personally seen the movie, but it looks cute, and I have heard it is cute, and the CD's is super fun, even for me! So, to win, just leave a comment below about your favorite zoo animal. And be sure to take a look at my giveaway rules.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Whirlwind Week

Well, what to my wonder! Today I received an AWESOME box of great BlogHer Swag from Maria Bailey and BSM Media. Ohhhhh guys, there was so much GREAT stuff! And, best part? I have stuff to share with all of you guys too! I'm going to go through everything this weekend and start handing out the goodies next week, so be sure to check back on Monday to see what fun stuff I have to give out!

This whole week has been a whirlwind-Little Dude and I both got colds, Bill was out of town again all week, Eddie cut his eyebrow open on something (do dogs have eyebrows?), JR is having some tummy issues/pains (read cries A LOT), I've been working on Bill's birthday surprise (making a homemade present with kids around should be an Olympic sport), I have tons of people coming over tonight for Bill's birthday party, so I have been desperately trying to keep the house clean while entertaining my in laws, the kids, my sister, and my brother in law. Yes I have had a full house this week!AND on top of all that, I got Mastitis! UGH!

Yesterday my chest was hurting a little, and I was feeling really lethargic and worn out even after a long nap; thank God my mother in law was here, she insisted I sleep-she's awesome! So, after my nap and starting to feel worse, Patty (my awesome in law), had me check my temp-it was 102.3!! So, we called my OBGYN, he confirmed that I have Mastitis and got me on medication. I am feeling a little better, but gosh I still feel like I could sleep for a million years!

So, I am having to pump after feedings to try to make sure the milk empties out and take some heavy duty antibiotics 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks. And sleep. Yes, I am excited to fall asleep tonight; I do hope JR sleeps OK for me tonight....

And I just realized-Happy 8/8/08 day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bill's New Toy

Well, with gas prices being crazy, it seems that dealerships can't sell their giant trucks-so right now they are a steal of a deal! And I am quite proud to say, that through some wheeling and dealing, we were able to get Bill a brand new 2008 Toyota Tundra fully loaded double cab, off road 4x4 for a couple thousand more than used '07 Tundras without as many options and tons of miles were selling for...CRAZY! And, compared to what the trucks were selling for last year, we ended up with over 10,000 dollars off the price...AMAZING!

So, Bill has a new toy to drive on weekends when he is around AND we have a second car (ahem, truck) for when we fly back and forth from Mobile, Alabama to home here in North Carolina.

The very best part? We had enough saved to put a good down payment, so we are hoping we can have the truck completely paid off in 3 years. Since the only other debt we have is the house, in this rare case, it seemed silly to not jump on the opportunity to get Bill the truck he's has always wanted. And let me just share that Little Dude LOVES pretending to drive it. He and Bill will sit in it forever playing with gadgets.

It must be a guy thing.

But gosh, I am so happy for my hard working hubby to get his "man truck".

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feather Printing-WFMW

It's time for Works For Me Wednesday! This week I will share and activity my 4 year old preschool class LOVED:

Feather Printing (ages 1-6 this is great for)

supplies needed:

liquid tempera paint (or finger paint of some kind)

What you do:

Cut feather shapes in various sizes out of sponges, being sure to inclue the stem on the end of the feather shape you cut. Wet sponges, squeeze out, dip into paint, and press onto large sheets of paper. The different sizes and colors of feathers create a nice effect. This is terrific for younger kids.

For older kids, you can use real feathers, dip them into the paint, and carefully lay the feathers on the paper for the imprint of all the feather wisps. You can use real feathers with younger children as well, but I find that they usually end up getting the feather so wet and tangled that it becomes a "stick" shape and you loose the cool effect layering different paint colors in this project creates.

This is also a fabulous indoor activity for the hot summer days! Get creative with it too; use whatever shapes your child is most interested in, like cars, butterflies,or whatnot. You can even work on shape recognition by layering squares, circles, rectangles, etc with bright paints!

But most of all, have fun together!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jury Duty

Well, I was chosen for Jury Duty, so I am now off to serve my civic duty...and fight for a parking spot downtown. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweightloss-week 2

Well, it is the start of week 2 to Tweightloss and I have lost 1 pound! I am feeling more motivated just seeing the scale go down a little bit; yay!

We are all doing better, coughs are starting to go away, and I think now everyone just has a runny nose.

My in laws are coming up today to stay for the week because I have JURY DUTY starting tomorrow. SIGH***. Thank goodness Patty and Ed can come, because having to arrange dropping the boys off at a daycare for the day would annoy me so much-daycare is expensive!! So, there will probably not be a post until later tomorrow, as it will take all my time coordinating skills to get the boys set, everything set for Ed and Patty, AND get myself downtown by 8:30 am (that way I will be there by 9am). Let's hope I only have to serve one day...

Well, I am off to rescue cinnamon rolls from the oven. Time for breakfast!

Friday, August 1, 2008

We're Sick

I knew it would happen, I just thought it wouldn't happen this soon.

Yes, we are all sick.

Little Dude started with what I thought was allergies, but it turns out the runny nose was from a he has a cough. And JR is sneezing and coughing. And Mama here is sneezing and starting to cough. Good thing Bill comes home tonight, because if I thought I was tired with us all not feeling so well, I am REALLY tired.

The kids are napping, finally, so now I am off to slumber land myself.