Our Adoption Fundraisers

Right now, we don't have anything in the works to help us fund-raise any more. I've been picking up extra work with my SEO writing business and also babysitting children every chance I get to stash away the extra. So far, since it has been about 2 years since we started putting away money for adoption funding, along with garage sales and a round of Thirty One sales sweetly donated to us by an old high school friend, we have 2/3 of the cost saved. I never thought we would be able to raise enough, and had been so very discouraged when NONE of our grant applications came back with help, but I was wrong, we have been so blessed with ways to earn the extra money and so blessed by the donations of kind friends.

If we get any news anytime soon and need to raise the rest quickly, (this will mostly be the travel money for Bill and I, plus our little girl and final legal document fees to get in and out of both countries) I will let you know of any t-shirt sales or dinners, etc. We appreciate all the help everyone has given us so far; adoption, sadly, is super expensive because of all the legal paperwork and so forth that must be done, and we greatly are humbled and thankful for every little bit of help our friends have given so far to us.

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