Who Is Miche?

Hi, I am Miche, the writer of our family blog. "Miche" is a nickname I got while working at Starbucks back in my college days. It is pronounced ME-shh, but you can really say it however you want since I'm on your computer.

 So, here I am. I'm the wife to Bill, my best friend in the whole world. I hope, if you are married, that your spouse is your best friend, too. We got married in 2004 and the time has just flown by in the best of ways. 

Along the way, Bill and I had our little boys, Little Dude JR and Champ We are currently working to adopt a sweet little Princess into the family, as well!

Bill works as a construction manager, and currently Little Dude, JR and Champ are obsessed with fire fighters, trucks, construction, Legos and dirt. Lots of dirt. I feel like I never stop cleaning, but somehow the house is always dirty. I am pretty sure I have a scientific paradox going on in my house. Like a time warp or something. When I clean it should at least look clean when I'm done, right? Right?

I am a stay at home mom, but also a working mom, because I work from home as a Search Engine Optimzation specialist for a real estate marketing and web design company. It is super nice to be able to go to work in my pj's, but on the flip side, it is insanely hard to juggle the house, mom stuff, kid stuff, house stuff, work stuff, and everything else. Since I am AT home, I put pressure on myself to be the full on stay at home role,  but working makes it so that sometimes laundry, chores, and even dinner can be hard to keep up with. Sometimes I wish I did work out of the home because then, at least I would leave work at the office. It is hard to resist working all the time when the office is also the playroom.

For now, I juggle it all and do my best. It is completely coordinated chaos at our house, but of all things I have learned in this parenting journey, it is that we need to support and encourage each other and leave behind the silly mommy battles. No judgement here; we are all learning and living this parenting gig together.

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