Thursday, March 24, 2011

20 Days!

The countdown is on-there are only 20 days to my due date, and going on my previous history, it should be less, since both the other boys were early.


I went to the dr. today and found out I'm not 4 cm dilated, though no contractions of any kind yet. That makes me nervous, since I'm obviously not feeling whatever contractions are causing the dilation, so when they DO really start I'm really crossing my fingers (and legs) that I make it to the hospital....I REALLY don't want to end up on the news as the subject of "Baby Born on Highway!"

SO, when will Champ get here?

I can't wait, I really can't. I'm so anxious and just want to meet him and start our routine as a family of 5. Right now I am just cleaning like crazy, spending time playing super heroes with Little Dude and JR, and finding ways to avoid work, like updating my blog before finally getting back to the tasks at hand. That is actually pretty fun, since I am always able to find something else to do, like put my feet up. (Don't tell Bill I could put them up as my desk; I prefer the recliner, which is faaarrr away from my desk).

Anyways, not much to report, just playing the waiting game.

Now, back to some actual work that pays me....

Friday, March 18, 2011


So, apparently with the more preganancies you have, the better your body jumps into gear to "get ready for baby".

Meaning that I have all kinds of fun "practice contractions" or Braxton Hicks going on-and at times I start to think they are real ones, only have them go away or stop.


Well, we are ready, and currently I am 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced, and the baby has dropped to station 0 (whatever that means, I keep trying to find station info in my pregnancy books and haven't yet, so I might just google it when I am done here) according to my latest dr. check up. Now that I am well into 36 weeks, the dr. has also declared that if labor starts now they won't try to stop it, since our little Champ is measuring a week ahead anyway AND we have crossed into the more full term time period of the third trimester.

Very exciting to be so close to having him here with us-and I am so hoping he does come in March because I just love March. Don't know why, just do.

Also a bit scary, as I really do want to make it to the hospital, so the more dilated and effaced I get BEFORE any contractions really start, the more nervous I am about how quickly this labor might go....

But then, this pregnancy has been so different, that I feel I might be jinxing myself-he will probably go 2 weeks past my due date and then have a hard 24 hour labor.

Or be scary fast and I'll have him in the driveway.

Oh my. I'm ready to be done with labor already....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. Most of my family's heritage is Irish, wish some Native American, Mexican, and British heritage for good measure. Everyone in my family though has naturally dark DARK hair, and my sisters both got the brown/black eyes, along with the natural tendency to tan easily without burning.

Me? I'm super pale white even if I DO try to tan, super short to the point that I may or may not be borderline needed a booster seat according to the new child car seat laws height requirements and I'm way shorter than both my little sisters. I have auburn red hair that gets redder in the sun and had super strawberry red hair when I was really young). While most members of my family have no trouble keeping weight off their more slender frames, I have the hips of a cow, which have come in super handy when having children, but don't work well with skinny jeans. Fashion icon I can not be. I also have blue green eyes and my face turns red when I drink.


But you know what? On St. Patrick's Day, all those features are cool! So, I love St. Patrick's Day.

Yesterday, the kids and I colored shamrocks and taped them all over the dinning room. Then we baked banana bread and made green cream cheese icing with green sprinkles for it, AND we made our own St. Patty's Day necklaces (the boys did a super great job getting the beads on their strings!)

It was SO FUN. We talked about who St. Patrick was, and why we celebrate a day for him, and how he was important to everyone. I may have not actually DONE anything, but just sitting at the table, doing crafts with the kids and talking was FANTASTIC. I need to set aside days to do just that way more often.

I'm thinking that with dinner I might have green milk for the kids, though our traditional corned beef dinner will be held on Saturday when my in laws and sister in law can all come over to share.

I'll have to see what else I can make green today.

Little Dude is at preschool, JR went to my awesome friend Teresa's house to play while I go to a Dr. apt for Champ, then it will be on to see what other Irish stuff we can do today! Yippie!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hospitals, Nurses, and Shots, Oh My!

Well, I think I jinxed myself with my huge to do list-I started having super strong contractions during dinner, and each one got closer in time, until around the 10 minute time space we called up my awesome neighbor to stay with the boys until my sister in law could get here, and then Bill and I bolted for the hospital.

By the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and getting really strong.

So, I was admitted, and checked, and luckily, I had not dilated or effaced any further along from that morning, so I was given a shot to try to stop the contractions. My doctor really REALLY wants Champ to stay in at least another week, and I would really like to get two, but we will have to see what happens.

Eventually I got enough meds to stop the contractions, though I did dilate a little bit more, but after some more watching everything finally stopped. I'm on Motrin now to help stop or block the production of something that would induce contractions again-I can't remember what it is supposed to be stopping-but at any case, it is working.

Today I am being super lazy, sitting at the computer finishing up a little work, the kids are playing with play-doh. Awesomeness.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 CM Dilated

OMG. For real.

I went to the doctor today for my start of week 36 check up and found out that I'm 2 cm dilated, 50 % effaced, and Champ is at station 1. I still haven't stopped to look up what that means, but he is also head down and ready to go, according to my doctor.

SOOOOO, can I tell you that I'm a little freaked? If he came to day, he would be early, but not as early as JR, and the doctor assured me that since everything is starting on its own, then chanced are he is just really ready to come. With JR I had to be induced and it took forever for contractions or dilation to start (though when it did, it happened fast).

Previous stats:

Little Dude-3 hours from the time my water broke to delivery
JR-Got induced around 1pm, contractions didn't start til around 8pm and he was born at 11.

So what will Champ's stats be? I'm really nervous about not making it to the hospital.

So, I have butterflies all in my belly and a suddenly HUGE, GINORMOUS list of things I MUST do before Champ can come (ha, that means he's coming in a few hours, right? ) Anyways, I finally got the laundry put away (Bill will be so proud) and I actually finished going through JR's clothes and getting the outgrown stuff out of his drawers. Little Dude I still haven't tackled; I figured it was better to just put everything away than to have numerous, half crazy sorted/unsorted piles of 4t and 5t cloths all over the place when Grandma got here to take over...

And now, I am trying really hard to get all my small tasks I have left for Dakno done asap so I don't have to worry about handing anything off.

Oh I have butterflies. And I know, I know, it could still be weeks of walking around at 2 cm, BUT I can't help but worry because for the last half hour the light braxton hicks I've been having on and off for the last few months have actually started to get stronger, though I'm not sure if they are regular yet or not. I'm going to start timing them now and see if I need to call Bill.

I'd be a little embarrassed to be sent home, but at the same time, I'd hate it more to have Champ in the car....

Friday, March 4, 2011

40 Days

OMG, there are only 40 days left to my due date! I can not believe we are already here. Next week I have another baby appointment, then I go ever week to be checked for progress until delivery.

The bags are packed, the carseat is ready, a name is finally picked and the grandparents are on standby (as are the neighbors since we might need someone to help with the boys until grandparents can get here)

Both of our other sons were early, and I had VERY fast labors. Little Dude was about 3 hours total from the time my water broke (and contractions started after that, in the car) to when he was born. JR was induced early since my water broke way too soon; however, once labor and contractions started, it was only a few hours of actual contractions until he came out.

I am a little nervous about this one being a fast labor-I know it sounds crazy, but I am hoping that it starts off slowly so we can have the grandparents get here for the boys before we have to leave for the hospital, but I am thinking, and preparing myself, for the fact that we probably will need to head to the hospital as soon as my water breaks or contractions start, and just call on one of our super awesome neighbors to watch the kids until Patty and Ed get here (they are about 2 hours away).

I'm super excited for our little Champ to get here and sleep in the bassinet by our bed. I can't wait to put the little outfits on him and carry him around in one of my slings. I'm super excited to see how the big brothers do with Champ; judging by how excited they are for him now, I think it will go well, even if Champ does end up crying non stop.

I ordered some "Big Bro" and "Little Bro" shirts for the guys; I can't wait for the two big brothers to wear their "Big Bro" shirts and to get a nice photo of the three of them together. Even if all three defy me and stare off into different directions, it will still be so cute to get them all in their shirts. I'm crazy excited about them. I ordered them from my friend Christy, who runs a little consignment shop right around the corner, and go tall three shirts for less than I had been able to get one big brother shirt from a shop I found downtown. I'm SUPER excited to see them done and on the boys!

In a few weeks, it could be any moment for him to get here; this is by far the worst part of pregnancy for me-just waiting for the big day to come.