Friday, March 4, 2011

40 Days

OMG, there are only 40 days left to my due date! I can not believe we are already here. Next week I have another baby appointment, then I go ever week to be checked for progress until delivery.

The bags are packed, the carseat is ready, a name is finally picked and the grandparents are on standby (as are the neighbors since we might need someone to help with the boys until grandparents can get here)

Both of our other sons were early, and I had VERY fast labors. Little Dude was about 3 hours total from the time my water broke (and contractions started after that, in the car) to when he was born. JR was induced early since my water broke way too soon; however, once labor and contractions started, it was only a few hours of actual contractions until he came out.

I am a little nervous about this one being a fast labor-I know it sounds crazy, but I am hoping that it starts off slowly so we can have the grandparents get here for the boys before we have to leave for the hospital, but I am thinking, and preparing myself, for the fact that we probably will need to head to the hospital as soon as my water breaks or contractions start, and just call on one of our super awesome neighbors to watch the kids until Patty and Ed get here (they are about 2 hours away).

I'm super excited for our little Champ to get here and sleep in the bassinet by our bed. I can't wait to put the little outfits on him and carry him around in one of my slings. I'm super excited to see how the big brothers do with Champ; judging by how excited they are for him now, I think it will go well, even if Champ does end up crying non stop.

I ordered some "Big Bro" and "Little Bro" shirts for the guys; I can't wait for the two big brothers to wear their "Big Bro" shirts and to get a nice photo of the three of them together. Even if all three defy me and stare off into different directions, it will still be so cute to get them all in their shirts. I'm crazy excited about them. I ordered them from my friend Christy, who runs a little consignment shop right around the corner, and go tall three shirts for less than I had been able to get one big brother shirt from a shop I found downtown. I'm SUPER excited to see them done and on the boys!

In a few weeks, it could be any moment for him to get here; this is by far the worst part of pregnancy for me-just waiting for the big day to come.

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