Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

I LOVE St. Patrick's Day. Most of my family's heritage is Irish, wish some Native American, Mexican, and British heritage for good measure. Everyone in my family though has naturally dark DARK hair, and my sisters both got the brown/black eyes, along with the natural tendency to tan easily without burning.

Me? I'm super pale white even if I DO try to tan, super short to the point that I may or may not be borderline needed a booster seat according to the new child car seat laws height requirements and I'm way shorter than both my little sisters. I have auburn red hair that gets redder in the sun and had super strawberry red hair when I was really young). While most members of my family have no trouble keeping weight off their more slender frames, I have the hips of a cow, which have come in super handy when having children, but don't work well with skinny jeans. Fashion icon I can not be. I also have blue green eyes and my face turns red when I drink.


But you know what? On St. Patrick's Day, all those features are cool! So, I love St. Patrick's Day.

Yesterday, the kids and I colored shamrocks and taped them all over the dinning room. Then we baked banana bread and made green cream cheese icing with green sprinkles for it, AND we made our own St. Patty's Day necklaces (the boys did a super great job getting the beads on their strings!)

It was SO FUN. We talked about who St. Patrick was, and why we celebrate a day for him, and how he was important to everyone. I may have not actually DONE anything, but just sitting at the table, doing crafts with the kids and talking was FANTASTIC. I need to set aside days to do just that way more often.

I'm thinking that with dinner I might have green milk for the kids, though our traditional corned beef dinner will be held on Saturday when my in laws and sister in law can all come over to share.

I'll have to see what else I can make green today.

Little Dude is at preschool, JR went to my awesome friend Teresa's house to play while I go to a Dr. apt for Champ, then it will be on to see what other Irish stuff we can do today! Yippie!

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