Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yay! It is October! Even though it has been crazy hot and crazy dry, the last few days did actually feel like fall! We put up all our Halloween decorations this past weekend, and we have been having tons of fun with the neighborhood kids coming over to see everything. We have talking rocks, light up orange trees, an entire graveyard, a ginormous spider and webbing every where, rats, bats, and skeletons...its awesome. I love Halloween! This year I am going as a Starbucks Barista and Little Dude is going as my bag of coffee. I am busy making his sack outfit (with leg holes so he can walk) and can't wait to take him out with me to a few of the neighbor houses. We also have pumpkins to carve, though we will wait til closer to the big day so they won't go bad. There is a little white one for Little Dude to finger paint too...I'm so excited!

Little Dude is doing great, we had a bit of a stomach bug pass through the house...poor Bill got if first, then Little Dude, then me, then John....I think we are all finally better. Yay!

Little Dude is walking around everywhere and loves to help me out! He will help me put toys away, he will help me sweep the floor (this really makes a bigger mess for me, but it is so cute to see him with the little hand broom brushing the floor!) and he will rub the soap in his hair when I'm washing him...sooooo cute!! I think he is trying to say "dog" or "doggie" (or perhaps "eddie" as that is the name of our dog) Either way, everytime Eddie, or any dog, barks, Little Dude lights up, gets all excited, runs (and I mean RUNS) to the nearest window(I guess to see what the dog is barking at) and yells" oog(pause)eee"!! It is the greatest. He also has broken out the white man dance moves. If we have the radio on, or any music anywhere really, he will stand there, bop his head and bend his knees up and down. It looks like baby headbanging...again, sooooooo CUTE!

In the land of sign language, he is going great! I think he has the "more" sign mixed up with something like, "please, i want that", but it still works. He can tell me if he is thristy for milk or water, hungry, if he wants something, and cheerios. We are doing a circle with our hands (letter "O" sign) for cheerios, since I don't know the ASL sign. Very fun!