Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once a Band Geek

So it has been almost 4 years since I really played the French Horn-and let me tell you, I sound pretty horrible right now.

But, I found a local band that only requires high school level three music capabilities. I know I once HAD that skill, so I am hopping I can come audition tonight and be allowed to join.

I swear I haven't been this nervous in a long time....especially since in the photos section of the site, everyone looks pretty old...which in my head is translating to: THEY ARE FREAKIN AWESOME

I hope I'm not too embarrassed trying to sight read tonight.

I'll let you know if I make it :)

PS, update at 10pm....I made it :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raising Sons

I'm really quite amazed an entire month has gone by, and I haven't really found the time to blog much. Honestly, I am blogging now only because I felt I should have more than one post under June!

Anyways, here are some quick updates:

The boys are all getting huge. HUGE, I'm telling you! How in the world did that happen? Champ is starting to move around on his back, and no longer stays in one place now....I am going to have to start figureing out the baby gate situation quickly. What did other people do with kids and babies and stairs? I hate to trap the big ones up stairs and have them needing me every second to open/close it for them (and I'm scared they either won't close it OR they will try to climb it...ahhh!)

In the past with babies and crawling, early walking times, we lived out of town in apartments/ one story houses for Will's I have yet to really need to master baby with number three being HERE in our split level entry house...I am quite wondering how to set it up.

If you have brilliant thoughts, please share them.

Other updates include that Little Dude is going to start soccer camp in a few weeks-I am really excited for him to get some kind of energy sapping activity going. I'm not sure if we will sign up JR yet or not, I might see how he feels and maybe do another session in the fall with him while Little Dude is in preschool. We shall see. JR will be doing a little preschool baseball weekend session and we are all quite excited about that.

It has suddenly gotten super hot here and I am trying to come up with fun things to do that don't require me seating like crazy, since the kids don't seem to notice. I think there will be many future visits to museums.

In the cloth diapering world, the cloth wipes I am trying out is going great. I am actually really liking just throwing the wipes in the wash as well, and not having to keep them separate, etc. I got some great bottom cleaner spray, called CJ's Carcass Cleaner (nice name, eh?) and used an old body spray bottle (and old one from Bath and Body Works) and I am doing the dry method of wipes. So I take my baby wash cloth or infant diaper insert (those are working GREAT as wipes, by the way) spray down Champs bum, wipe away, and toss everything my wet bag til wash day. For super poops I spray the cloth AND his bum, but so far we have only had one. I think my cleaning spray will last a super long time too. I also got CJ's Bottom Butter in the sea spice scent and it SMELLS SO GOOD. I use some even though he hasn't had any diaper rash as of yet, just because it makes him smell so wonderful.

So far, having a house full of boys is extremely fun. It is usually a super hero, treasure hunting, saving the world kind of day around here, and I love how serious they get about fighting bad guys.

Last week we had JR's birthday party and it was all super hero themed-Oh the kids all had such a great time! I will put on pictures of JR in his batman cape and mask; it is really just too awesome. Little Dude is loving JR's Captain America shield and mask, so I am going to hunt down a Captain America cape on etsy for Little Dude's birthday. Don't tell him though :)

I am also already training them to hold the door for me (and all ladies) and making sure they understand that they can't ever hit a little lady, even if she DOES bite you. I am constantly reminding them they are gentlemen and must act that way.

My sons' future dates can all thank me, as the boys mostly do act like gentlemen to all our little lady friends. I can't; however, be blamed for the toliet seat, I am convinced forgetting to put it down is just a genetic makeup for boys; just be thankful they pee IN it.

So, that is all that is going on here. Beyond keeping the kids alive, trying to put laundry away so Bill thinks I'm productive, and keeping up with my paying job, I really don't have much time to blog as I would like.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Champ is three months now! He is smiling now and LOVES bath time. He has also become very VERY aware of his big brothers. I am convinced Champ is taking notes so he can quickly try to join in the fun!

Champ is also starting to roll a bit, though he looks very surprised when he gets to his side, and he hasn't quite made it all the way to his tummy yet. Soon though! He has also found his thumb.

After this weekend there will be no more nights in the bassinet in our room, as we are passing the bassinet on to my sister in law, Corina, who is due with a little boy in October! I am terribly sad to not have Champ sleep in our room anymore, but for now Bill is letting me keep the doors to our bedrooms open, so I can hear him just in case Champ needs me during the night.

Did I mention he is already basically sleeping through the night? He gets up around 4 to eat, and then sleeps again until about 8. OH, and bedtime is 10, so we are doing great!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month ONE

My three cute boys posing so nicely (for once)

I can't believe it is June already. In a few days I'll be 30 (gasp!) and already Champ is 2 months old. Plus all of a sudden the other two have become KIDS, not just preschoolers or little kids, but full fledged KIDS.

They are just ginormous to me now.

Bill and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary (Yippie!) with a night free from kids (double YIPPIE!) and now for the past few days I have only had little Champ here, while Little Dude and JR have stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Did I mention they suddenly seem so big to me? Talking to them on the phone yesterday didn't help any.

Anyways, I took this photo right before we left for their stay at the in-laws, since I knew I wouldn't see them til later this week. The kids got all into the photo shoot this time, with the nice one up above, and the silly face fest going on in the photos below. Enjoy!

JR (L) and Little Dude (R) thinking up poses

This is more the type of photo pose I usually get

These are "mean" faces; I tried not to laugh

These are "sad" faces; again I tried not to laugh.

This was taken as they contemplated what poses to do for me. They are such a team and I love they are such good friends. Champ is just putting up with it all.

So, yes, I usually never get all three looking at me, and generally one is making a weird face while the another starts to scream. This was supposed to be silly faces, but JR wasn't into it as much as Little Dude.

JR thought up mean faces-I can't actually tell if he is smiling or growling....hmmmm. I love how Little Dude added "claws" to his mean face-it kinda looks like Champ is making "claws" too, which Little Dude thinks is great.

Sad faces, which just make me want to laugh.