Sunday, June 26, 2011


Champ is three months now! He is smiling now and LOVES bath time. He has also become very VERY aware of his big brothers. I am convinced Champ is taking notes so he can quickly try to join in the fun!

Champ is also starting to roll a bit, though he looks very surprised when he gets to his side, and he hasn't quite made it all the way to his tummy yet. Soon though! He has also found his thumb.

After this weekend there will be no more nights in the bassinet in our room, as we are passing the bassinet on to my sister in law, Corina, who is due with a little boy in October! I am terribly sad to not have Champ sleep in our room anymore, but for now Bill is letting me keep the doors to our bedrooms open, so I can hear him just in case Champ needs me during the night.

Did I mention he is already basically sleeping through the night? He gets up around 4 to eat, and then sleeps again until about 8. OH, and bedtime is 10, so we are doing great!

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