Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month ONE

My three cute boys posing so nicely (for once)

I can't believe it is June already. In a few days I'll be 30 (gasp!) and already Champ is 2 months old. Plus all of a sudden the other two have become KIDS, not just preschoolers or little kids, but full fledged KIDS.

They are just ginormous to me now.

Bill and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary (Yippie!) with a night free from kids (double YIPPIE!) and now for the past few days I have only had little Champ here, while Little Dude and JR have stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Did I mention they suddenly seem so big to me? Talking to them on the phone yesterday didn't help any.

Anyways, I took this photo right before we left for their stay at the in-laws, since I knew I wouldn't see them til later this week. The kids got all into the photo shoot this time, with the nice one up above, and the silly face fest going on in the photos below. Enjoy!

JR (L) and Little Dude (R) thinking up poses

This is more the type of photo pose I usually get

These are "mean" faces; I tried not to laugh

These are "sad" faces; again I tried not to laugh.

This was taken as they contemplated what poses to do for me. They are such a team and I love they are such good friends. Champ is just putting up with it all.

So, yes, I usually never get all three looking at me, and generally one is making a weird face while the another starts to scream. This was supposed to be silly faces, but JR wasn't into it as much as Little Dude.

JR thought up mean faces-I can't actually tell if he is smiling or growling....hmmmm. I love how Little Dude added "claws" to his mean face-it kinda looks like Champ is making "claws" too, which Little Dude thinks is great.

Sad faces, which just make me want to laugh.

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