Monday, February 28, 2011

Pregnancy Aches and Pains

So, I am there. I'm feeling done with being pregnant, as bad as that is for someone who has had a premature baby to feel.

Last night, my sciatic kept pinching on whatever pressure point our little Champ was providing and it HURT LIKE HELL. Nice, sharp, stabbing pains every so often in each hip are enough to drive one batty. Especially if one is trying to sleep. Sigh.

Today, I have been cleaning like crazy, and trying to get the boys over whatever gross nose/sneezing/cough thing they have. Ugh on both parts, because laundry was involved as well.

And even my usual list of somewhat enjoyable house chores (like mopping the floors or picking up toys-those are WAY higher on my list than laundry) where slow going an exhausting with the stupid sciatic nerve pinching. And are there two nerves? I'm feeling the pain in both hips-and even right now they are both super sore and feel like I got punched in them multiple times.

Sometimes walking now, I almost stumble from the pain of moving my hips/legs. Mostly my right is giving me trouble just walking around-and the stairs in our house aren't helping any. I don't remember having the pinching never pain as badly with the other two, but I have heard most symptoms-like varicose veins, stretch marks, swelling, heart burn and sciatic nerve pinches get stronger or occur more quickly with each pregnancy.

Someone needs to remind me of that fact when, 2 years from now I start talking about babies again....

Anyways, I think tonight is a pizza night. I'm going to go put my feet up and see if I can find some position that makes my hips feel better. And then not move until Bill gets home.

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