Saturday, February 12, 2011

60 Days

There are only 60 days left til my due date! Yippie!

I am super excited and super nervous.

I can't wait to hold our little Champ and break out all my slings and see cute toothless smiles again.

But I do have to admit, before each birth I get a little nervous about the future.

Like, will I do OK as a mom to three boys?

What will it be like getting the baby seat back in the van? What is the best way to arrange all the carseats for quick in an out buckling of everyone?

I actually have been thinking about that a lot. I'm lucky that Little Dude's preschool offers a drop off lane, so I won't have to actually get Champ and JR AND Little Dude out of the car to drop off and pick up-BUT I will need to figure out how to situate the seats so Little Dude can easily get in and out, I can easily get to him, and yet still easily get everyone in and out. I am almost thinking baby seat in the very back-then too if I need to stop and nurse in the car, I can sit right in the back easily and be hidden by the seats and dark windows while the other two either entertain themselves or complain to be set free.

I know, completely weird of me to obsess over how to set up the car seats, but at any case, I see a few days of moving things around pre-Champ's arrival just so I know how I will want it.

Though, since Bill and I will probably bring Champ home in Bill's truck, while Little Dude and JR are at home with Grandma and Papa (and thus they will need the van, unless we decide to drive the van home with all the boys...hmmm) I guess I will just leave the car seat and base at home and then we can put it in whatever car we decide to come home from the hospital in.

So many decisions, haha!

Anyways, on a different note, my cramps have stopped, and I'm just ordered to not lift anything even remotely heavy, which I really need to take advantage of. Laundry is heavy, right? Should I be folding clothes in my condition? I think not...

So, thus far, everything is going great, I'm taking it easy, and even go out of having to help Bill with our taxes by coming down here to "work" (aka write this blog post).

And now, we are off to the park, to enjoy the lovely sunny weather!

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Jenn said...

Glad you are feeling better! Have you checked out They have lots of suggestions for setting up multiple seats in cars etc. Enjoy this beautiful weather! xo