Friday, February 18, 2011

Our First Rides

I never had a bike growing up, partly because living in the mountains off a steep driveway and even steeper yard didn't really provide a great place to learn, and partly because back then my parents just didn't have the money.

I did finally get one when I went to college, and trust me to say that I thought I would never live down the embarrassment of crashing into a light pole on the corner of Western.

After that, I just got up earlier and walked to class from my apartment.

Anywho. Bill and I were super excited for Christmas this year because THIS year, we were getting JR a little bike, and Little Dude (who already is quite a champ at his bike) wanted a scooter. Since we live in such a wonderful area, there is a fantastic park just down the street from us in our neighborhood, along with 4 or 5 other park choices right within a short drive from the house-so needless to say, there are TONS of places the boys can safely ride their bikes. We are all loving it.

Here is Little Dude getting geared up to take his scooter up to the park for the first time. His first trip was more of a slow walk/push/sorta scoot ride; he has since gotten much better and faster, much to my pregnant dismay, since I now must keep up with him and help keep JR steady on his bike.

Here is JR with all his safety gear on, taking HIS bike for the first time up to the park. He got a hang of the pedals about halfway there, thank goodness. Though we kept a hand on him the whole time, it was tons easier to give him pushes as needed once he wasn't pedaling against us...
We made it to the park! Our Little Dude, growing much too quickly.
Our JR, quickly catching up with his brother and also getting too big too quickly.

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