Monday, August 4, 2008

Tweightloss-week 2

Well, it is the start of week 2 to Tweightloss and I have lost 1 pound! I am feeling more motivated just seeing the scale go down a little bit; yay!

We are all doing better, coughs are starting to go away, and I think now everyone just has a runny nose.

My in laws are coming up today to stay for the week because I have JURY DUTY starting tomorrow. SIGH***. Thank goodness Patty and Ed can come, because having to arrange dropping the boys off at a daycare for the day would annoy me so much-daycare is expensive!! So, there will probably not be a post until later tomorrow, as it will take all my time coordinating skills to get the boys set, everything set for Ed and Patty, AND get myself downtown by 8:30 am (that way I will be there by 9am). Let's hope I only have to serve one day...

Well, I am off to rescue cinnamon rolls from the oven. Time for breakfast!


Mark Salinas said...

Excellent progress! I always look forward to your journey updates! :)

Kelsey said...

Great work!