Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes, this is yet another post about poop. My Little Dude has been very interested in the potty, and thus it seems that potty training will be pretty easy for us (with him, at least). On Monday he pooped in the toilet for the very first time! Whoo hoo! He has been peeing once in awhile, but to poop! That is a great accomplishment!

But now, every few minutes he tells me he needs to "peep or poot". And then he insists on a new diaper. And he MUST "wipe" himself with toliet paper. Now if he were actually "peeping and pooting" that much and often, I would be fine with it; however, 99.9% of the time, he doesn't have to go yet, and I am now spending half the day holding him over the potty here because I made the mistake of leaving his potty seat back in NC thinking we would not really be needing it for awhile longer.

So, this afternoon I am going to go find a big boy potty (figured I might as well get the little potty since the bathroom in our apartment here has the room for it and it might save my back even more than just a potty seat! Anything to save my back...)get MORE diapers and MORE toilet paper.

It seems this potty training experience will be an expensive one....


Andrea said...

Yay for poop or poot!! Haha!

Anyway, that's awesome that he's doing that.

Kelsey said...

That is wonderful!