Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here We Go....

Well, we have decided to go ahead and make the move to Alabama this Sunday. So, I will be packing tonight and tomorrow, loading the van (and hoping everything I packed fits...) Saturday, going to Mass Saturday night, and then taking off on the crazy 12 plus hour drive at 5am with the kids. That is the plan, anyway. Hopefully it will all go smoothly, but boy, I will be soooo glad when the drive is over and we haven't even left yet...Overall though, it is best to do it now, get settled, then fly back for Little Dude's second birthday and the opening Wolfpack Football game, and go to Cole's 3rd birthday party, hold Little Dude's 2nd Birthday party, then fly back after our friend Nik's second birthday party on the 7th. I am really sad we will miss Nate's 3rd Birthday, but at least we will make a few of Little Dude's friend's birthdays before leaving for 9 months.

I will be doing some updates along the way when possible thanks to my wireless card for the laptop and (I hope) catching up on my Dakno work, as I have been slacking lately. With a house full of people and my Dad staying with us for a few days while he worked in Raleigh, it has been hard to find the time to chase the kids, clean the house, make a list of WHAT to pack, PACK, and work on the computer.

And now, I am off to do some work for my boss, and then fall into bed, as I am crazy tired! Take care, everyone!

*OH, and I will get zoo pictures up here at some point tomorrow; I know I am late posting them for the family and friends eagerly awaiting them!*


Andrea said...

Wow! Already, huh? Call me tomorrow if I can help in anyway!

Karen said...

Oh I am so sad that you are leaving! It won't be the same not seeing you and the boys and noticing as they grow up in little ways from week to week. They'll be all grown up the next time I see them !!! :( I hope the drive goes ok for you, and at least you're coming back in 2 weeks, right!?!

The Oaksmith ~ Stewart's said...

Moving! You will do great! I will send you an email to catch up.

Things are busy and good! Miss you guys!

Lots of love from us!