Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work Work Work...

Well, I have discovered it is CRAZY hard to work from home AND keep up with the needs of two children. Esp when one is a wild man most of the day. My Little Dude is soon approaching his second birthday, and I think that his gears have permantly gotten stuck in the "always in motion" gear! Hahah! He can sure wear me out! And at the end of the day, I can't even think of anything in particular I did around the house or errands I ran, because the majority of my day I just tried to keep up with him!! I feel like I sound like a lazy bum when Bill asks how my day was and what we did, because the conversation goes like this:

Phone rings.

Me:"Hello? Hi Honey! How was your day?"

Here Bill goes into a good 1/2 hour to an hour of all the amazing things he has done at work all day and all the great responsibilities on his shoulders as he builds whatever it is in Alabama his company is building.....Seriously, hearing all the things he does makes my head spin and realize I am lucky to be staying home and not having to 'work'....

Bill: "So, how was your day? What did you and the boys do? "

Me:" Ahhh...we...ah...went to the library....played in the back yard...ate cheerios...took naps....made dinner...played with the legos and cars....watched for the trash ready for bed...yeeeeeaaaa...that was my day....."

I know there is no comparision, but really, it does sound kinda lazy. I've got to work on my descriptive words. I need to say things like....

*I saved the carpet from near ruin when a diaper exploded

*I kept JR alive by stopping Little Dude from jumping on him

*Taught the children the joy of outdoors and worked on Gross Motor Skills by taking them outside to climb, jump and run around. (This one sounds really good!)

*Worked on Fine Motor Skills by letting Little Dude color and draw. (this one also sounds very educational)

*I somehow got two kids out of the car in a busy parking lot, got them across the parking lot and into the grocery store, then somehow shopped and repeated the process back to the car. And I didn't loose a single one!

*I saved us money by remembering the library books were due

*I built a city with my son out of legos and blocks. (Yes, we housed all the stuffed animals and the cars; they were all quite grateful )This activity worked on Sensory, Gross, and Fine Motor Skills all at once. (Yes, I am good.)

*I remembered JR was crying because he was hungry. With a toddler remembering the time is a feat.

*JR finally pooped, relieving my anxiety that something might be wrong with his belly since it had been 3 days.

* Brushed my toddler's teeth, (another feat) and saving us thousands in dental fees for cavities.

*I entertained some friends and their toddler that dropped by for a visit.

*After the kids went to bed I tried to work on Dakno and make a little money

*JR pooped again and interrupted the Dakno work

*Then I got on my blog, further putting off Dakno work.

Yes, that was my day.

And now I am going to work on Dakno so I have some fun money to spend at Pullen Park next week as we go work on Socialization with some of our toddler friends. (We are going to go to a playdate).


Kelsey said...

I say it was a totally productive day!

Sara said...

you had a very productive day indeed. Good luck with your playdate