Monday, August 11, 2008

Kung Fu Fooey

Fooey! It is Tweightloss week 3, and sadly I lost no weight for this week. But today I am going to the Ashboro Zoo with my neighbors, so I am pretty sure that after chasing 4 kids around all day and walking/pushing strollers everywhere, that surely a pound will come off. Right? Anyways, no weight lost, so I will just have to do super good for week 3!

As I said, I am going to the zoo with my neighbors, which will be a super fun, as well as interesting trip! I can't wait to share photos, and hopefully none of the kids will climb into any of the zoo areas....hahahah!

In honor of my zoo trip, I have some goodies to giveaway, thanks to BSM Media! If you child loves animals AND the computer, then they will REALLY LOVE the Kung Fu Panda interactive CD. It is filled with games and all kinds of fun activities based off the animated movie staring a cute panda voiced by Jack Black. I have not personally seen the movie, but it looks cute, and I have heard it is cute, and the CD's is super fun, even for me! So, to win, just leave a comment below about your favorite zoo animal. And be sure to take a look at my giveaway rules.


Mark Salinas said...

That zoo food can be dangerous...careful!

Jennifer said...

I guess this giveaway is already over, but in case someone still wanted that Kung Fu Panda cd, I am giving 4 away on my blog this week.