Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feather Printing-WFMW

It's time for Works For Me Wednesday! This week I will share and activity my 4 year old preschool class LOVED:

Feather Printing (ages 1-6 this is great for)

supplies needed:

liquid tempera paint (or finger paint of some kind)

What you do:

Cut feather shapes in various sizes out of sponges, being sure to inclue the stem on the end of the feather shape you cut. Wet sponges, squeeze out, dip into paint, and press onto large sheets of paper. The different sizes and colors of feathers create a nice effect. This is terrific for younger kids.

For older kids, you can use real feathers, dip them into the paint, and carefully lay the feathers on the paper for the imprint of all the feather wisps. You can use real feathers with younger children as well, but I find that they usually end up getting the feather so wet and tangled that it becomes a "stick" shape and you loose the cool effect layering different paint colors in this project creates.

This is also a fabulous indoor activity for the hot summer days! Get creative with it too; use whatever shapes your child is most interested in, like cars, butterflies,or whatnot. You can even work on shape recognition by layering squares, circles, rectangles, etc with bright paints!

But most of all, have fun together!


Kelsey said...

Awesome idea!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a was great to hear from you!

This looks like a fun idea; thank you! I love to do crafty kinds of things with my kiddos.

BTW, I LOVE your name...Coordinated Chaos! Too funny (and true of me, too!) :-)

Anonymous said...

Great craft idea! My kid's too small to paint yet, but I'll have to keep this in mind for activities later on. :)

Niki said...

Cool craft idea...


Great blog!