Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Home Alabama

Well, after a very eventful 15.5 hour drive with the kids, we finally made it to Mobile, Alabama around 9pm on the 17th. It has taken me until today to finally feel unpacked and "at home" in a sense. I am now trying to remember where I have put things, but considering the active toddler and sleepless nights with JR, I would have trouble remembering anything even without a move!

So far Alabama has been very nice and friendly-in fact I made "friends" with two ladies while grocery shopping! Both I'll probably never see again, unless we end up shopping at the same time again, but in the course of walking around the Super Walmart store I learned about their families, life, dreams,...really, you name it I could tell you. Yes, Alabama has been really friendly so far, and I am really liking it.

The pool for our neighborhood is beautiful, with fountains and a small kiddie area that is perfect for Little Dude. In fact, today I took JR and Little Dude for a swim all by myself! How did I do it? I kept JR in his infant carrier and let him sleep in the shade while I swam with Little Dude. It was SO FUN. I have a carrier for the water, but with as active and fearless as Little Dude is when it comes to water, I am way to worried to try having both boys in the water without Bill around.

Our internet for the apartment is not working yet, and I hope it is working by Friday, because 1, my Dakno work is piling up and I don't want to disapoint my boss and 2, I need my little online social outlet. Even though most of the people I talk to online are technically strangers, I do really enjoy the "comradery" that forms between moms, even if they are virtual moms! So, I will be crossing my fingers I will be up and running on Friday and then able to blog reguarlly again.

Oh, and I left my power cord for transfering pictures from my camera to the computer at home in NC, so when we go back in a week for Little Dude's early birthday party, I will have to get that and THEN I can finally post pictures of the zoo and other such fun things we have done.


Kelsey said...

I just love the southern hospitality!

Jennifer said...

Alabama really is a friendly state. You could always make up some Mommy cards (free + shipping at Giggle Print) to pass out your contact info. Maybe other moms would call you back if they had a cool card from you?

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I hope you are having a great time there- and yeah- maybe you need a Mommy card to pass out next time you're at the store. I've written my number on a receipt before and given it to a mom. You never know- reaching out to them might be a blessing to them, too!


Andrea said...

I was getting worried about you! I mean, I knew you were okay but I kept checking your blog and nothing. But I knew pretty much that you would be totally slammed for the first few days.

Glad to hear everything is well.

See you in a couple weeks. Love you!

Jenn said...

I'm glad you guys are getting settled and enjoying Alabama! We will see you soon! :)