Monday, August 25, 2008

Tweightloss week 4

I missed week 3 due to the move and lack of internet, but now Tweightloss Challenge week 4 is here and to my surprise I am down 2 more pounds! Yay! I was discouraged last week when I didn't lose any weight and knew that for most of the move and unpacking period we would probably be eating junk-but, it seems that my fears were unfounded-I did well at keeping the snacks at bay! Whooo hoo!!

I have to say, after having JR, I was a little disappointed at how "jiggly" everything was-and still is-but I can slowly see changes coming and I really do have to put a lot of my encouragement to finally start the baby weight loss on Tweightloss Challenge. Everyone is great and everyone is going through the same thing-just trying to put the chips down and find the strength to start the routine of working out. There are lots of great resources, like Mark Salinas' site, and TONS of motivation from and for each other on Twitter. So, if you want to get in on the fun next time around, or even just do your own working out on your schedule, get motivation and tips from the great resources at:

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