Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks, Mom

Yay! My internet is FINALLY working and all set up-it was quite a fiasco and my oh my I am so grateful to have it up and running! I missed all the online interaction I get through my job and blogging!

On the note of interaction, I have had a great time so far here in Alabama, and I have met some really nice people. However, I realized that without internet to mess around on while the kids were napping, I was feeling really trapped in the apt.

And, for the point of admitting I was feeling really stir crazy and desperate to talk to people anywhere, I began to wonder how my Mom ever did it with my sisters and me.

See, we grew up in Barnardsville, NC, a little town that usually is not on travel maps-I did find it in one once, and was quite shocked. Barnardsville is so tiny, and mostly made up of very widely separated farms, that the house ACROSS FROM the fire dept. burnt down before the volunteers could all get "in town" to fight it. Our school was K-12 up until my middle school years, when a couple of new schools in the neighboring Weaverville town opened. So, my Mom was about my age, with THREE young daughters, all alone living on the side of a mountain with a driveway that was a number of miles long and many many miles from anything you could refer to as a "neighbor". And even those neighbors were farmers with cows or tobacco. No Mommy groups, or play dates, or even internet for her to vent on or meet other moms on. Nope. Just her, and us, and all the while my Dad traveled out of town Monday through Friday all of my childhood.

How she did it, and did it so well I will never know. Because for me, being without some type of outlet for only a week has been difficult.

So, Mom, I just want to say THANK YOU for being such a Super Mom and for spending all that time going crazy with your three girls. I love you!

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