Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DOESN'T Work for me Wednesday!

Well, this is a special edition of Works for me Wednesday! Things that DID NOT WORK for me. Since my blog is mostly themed to our family and parents with young children, I will keep my list organized that way.

1. Small diaper bags or bags without lots of pockets-I have found it is so much easier to just have a nice big bag with lots of pockets so I know exactly where stuff is. Next week I will give you advice on how to keep the diaper bag light and organized.

2. Target brand diapers-they all leaked. EVERY TIME

3. Going to the grocery store without a meal plan list, sticking to the list, and carrying emergency snack for when Little Dude starts to scream in protest at being in the cart. I'm a really bad impulse buyer if I don't have my list and plan out meals before I go.

3. Trying to sleep when the baby slept-I actually found that I felt much more relaxed and focused on my job as a parent if I took that time to sip some nice coffee and read a book in quiet; or got a quick catch up on dishes and cleaning. For me that was tons more calming than lying in bed trying not to think of all the stuff I was behind in and never falling asleep anyway.

4. Spanking my child. When I was little, my parents spanked A LOT, so for me it doesn't work to spank AT ALL. We use other ways to discipline and they have all been working well for us. We follow a lot of "reality discipline" as suggested by Dr. Kevin Leman-he writes AWESOME parenting advice books.

5. Worrying about Little Dude getting some outfit dirty-if I wouldn't want the outfit covered in mud, and it isn't for church, then I don't buy it.

6. The Clip and Go cup holders-they don't work very well for anything other than bottled water or drinks with twist off lids because they tilt and jiggle A LOT. But, since I usually carry a bottle of water anyway, they were a cheap way to add a cup holder to my Peg Perego stroller.

7. Gerber transition sippy cups-they worked great since they can be bottles or sippy cups; however, once Little Dude realized that he could hit the cup on the table to the the stopper out, it was a pain to keep the stopper in. It falls right out as soon as the cups are dropped or smacked on a table.

8. Playtex, my first sipster cups-I had the worst time getting these open to wash after they got slimy from food, and half the time the long handles would end up hitting my hand as I twisted the lid off and HURT!

9. Skipping nap time. Yes, Bill and I did this one time thinking Little Dude would sleep like a rock at bed time-instead we had a crying baby til 2 or 3 am because he was SO TIRED yet COULDN'T sleep. Yes, the better nap the kid has during the day, the better he/she will sleep.

10. Wearing shoes while pregnant-I like flip flops, slide right in and go, and when I am inside I am barefoot. Just much more comfy. Besides, it makes me chuckle to be "barefoot and pregnant".

Well that is a short list of parenting things that just Dont Work For Me! Check out Rocks in my Dryer for other great things to AVOID!


Linds said...

Ooo...skipping naps, no good, I hear you there :)

Anonymous said...

I never saw the problem with "barefoot and pregnant" either. why wear shoes if you are pregnant? they don't fit anyway, and your feet are too hot.... yup, just leave 'em off, I say!

Laane said...

I've been pregnant many times, but always on flip flops.

A pair for inside and a pair for outside.
And a pair in reserve...LOL!

Feel welcome to read my post about what doesn't work for me and how I try to overcome it.

Enjoy your day!