Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh Drat.

Well, yesterday was awesome, and so far today looks like it will be too. Little Dude and I are going to the park again right after breakfast so we can 'beat the heat'. (It's going to get up in the high 80's today!) Then we will come back and play inside and take naps. Nice!

But, for oh drat drama, I was putting on my maternity hose this morning and snagged them. OH DRAT.

Some of you may not know, but with this pregnancy, I have had really bad varicose veins in my left leg. (So far nothing in my right, go figure) I finally caved and bought some ridiculously priced maternity hose to help with the pain. Which they do, they work like magic, and could possibly be worth the $60 it cost to get them (thus I have ONE pair).

So, as you can imagine, I am pretty sad I have a run going up my leg now, because really, we all know it is unfashionable enough to wear a skirt, dress or shorts with thick tan hose, let alone thick tan hose WITH A RUN. And esp uncomfortable for the middle of the summer. But oh well. I am going to be unfashionable until JR comes out in a few weeks. No way I'm spending $60 on another pair!

And overall, I can't complain too much, I am almost done and other than the varicose veins I haven't had any other problems. My acid reflux is even tons TONS better now.

So, if you see a super cute, short, little penguin wearing a summer dress with granny looking thick, runny hose; then yep, that is me. Nice to meet you.

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Karen said...

Would regular hose help at all? If they aren't tight enough, you could try little girl's tights- you're short enough that you might could make them work, and they might be tight enough. Or you could try some leggings. Even little girls leggings might be tight enough. Also, the brand "futuro" makes a kind of support hose- they are found near the ace bandage and braces section of most stores. They are only around $14 and might be worth trying to see if they would help. I'm not sure exactly what they are made for, maybe diabetes? They come in a yellow box. Maybe those would help a little bit??