Monday, May 12, 2008

The Weekend

Well, we had the most wonderful Mother's Day-so far each year has gotten better and better!

Bill gave me a Yankee Candle, which I LOVE, and he got me a gift from Little Dude and JR-a willow tree carving of "Quietly". It is a beautiful wooden carving of a mother holding her two sons. When I opened it I was so close to crying because it was just such a sweet, beautiful gift and the way he gave it to me from Little Dude and JR was just too much for my little pregnant body to keep inside. My husband is the greatest!!

We also got to spend an AWESOME weekend with my in laws in their new home down near Wilmington. Their retirement home is SO LOVELY-you'll see pictures soon-and I know they are just going to love all the fun activities and day/night life going on in Wilmington as well as their community.

We got to see St Mary's Cathedral in Wilmington (which we drove to in a monsoon and everyone ended up DRENCHED except Little Dude) and enjoyed the historic, beautiful church. The church was built sometime in the late 1800's and the stained glass is just magnificent!

We also enjoyed some nice seafood along the Cape Fear River and Little Dude SUPER LOVED watching a big river boat pass by while we ate. Bill and I decided Little Dude's dream job would be a River Boat captain because then he could DRIVE, be on the WATER, and get to turn LIGHTS on and off. All three are things he is super obsessed with right now.

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Andrea said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day. Great! Because you deserve it! You are a wonderful mother.

I made a wreath over the weekend. I can't wait for you to see it because it has butterflies on it.

The train is awesome, and economical. Much more relaxing that driving too. Little Dude would love it!! I wish it would go down to the beach, but it doesn't. I highly recommend traveling that way. It's really been very enjoyable to utilize it!