Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Diaper Bag Organization

It is another Works For Me Wednesday! What works for me this week? Diaper Bag Organization; as in, carry as little as possible with this nifty little trick!

I hate it when I am out and about with Little Dude, and something happens, like getting the sippy cup lid off, or worse, forgetting the sippy cup at home, and even though my diaper bag is crazy heavy from all the other "I might need it" items, I don't have the ones I need!

So, I went to Target and bought a cute little wire basket that is about 9"x9" and about 6" tall to turn into a PERMANENT "diaper bag" for my car! In this box I have:

* 3 or 4 extra sippy cups that I bought just for the car-and marked on them in permanent marker "car"
*a ton of bibs
*half a pack of diapers
*1 box of diaper wipes
*various toys
*a hat for Little Dude
*a few books
*baby sunscreen
*one of Little Dude's sunglasses
*2 extra outfits-nothing nice, since in all likelihood they will stay in the car, just some cheap pants, shorts, socks, two tops and a jacket from good will, all bought for about 4 dollars
*a ton of granola bar snacks. (Little Dude and I love the Nature Valley brand).
*I also always have bottled water in the car because as a kid our car always broke down, and even though I an quite certain our van wont break down anytime soon, I still fear being broken down and Little Dude (or me) being thirsty, thus the bottled water

Now, in my Diaper Bag that I carry everywhere, I only need my sunglasses, my wallet,a sippy cup, 1 or 2 diapers, a small bundle of wipes, my inhaler (I have asthma), Little Dude's other pair of sunglasses, coupon holder (when going to the grocery store or shopping), phone, camera, chap stick, a small stick of sunscreen for quick touch ups, lotion, and a small toy or book. My bag is soooo light now and not a hassle to carry-wonderful! And when I forget an item at home, I don't have to stress or head home early-I have a replacement in the back of my car!

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Suzanne said...

Ooh, this is a good idea! I was just whining about how much crap I've got in my diaper bag. This would totally work for me!