Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Working around the house with a Toddler

I have a very active toddler boy who loves to explore everything. This can be hard to keep up with when I have to do computer work for Dakno (my work from home-part-time job) or clean up before (gasp!) company comes, then I really need the "help" to be more than pulling the laundry out of the basket as I try to gather it in there, or take off with pens from my office for future artistic wall art...

So, what works for me? How do I keep sticky fingers off my walls while I am busy trying to keep up with my chores? I let him help. As simple as that. When I vacuum, I give him the hose extenders and a duster, and he runs around coping me, rubbing the tubes on the floor and rubbing the duster on the walls. When I am doing dishes, I pull up a chair and put his plastic dishes in a little bit of soapy water in the sink and let him go to town splashing and "cleaning" his plastic dishes. When I am in the office I give him post-it notes to go to town putting on some paper. We also have an extra computer board and mouse that he plays with on the floor beside me while I work.

Letting him participate to his ability level lets us do things together while still letting me get important things done AND keep him in my sights. No more heading out of the office to silent shenanigans going on in the playroom. (we all know silence is BAD).

So, that is what works for me! Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for more WFMW tips!!


Andrea said...

Great ideas! As always!

I had the best time over the weekend. We need to go do that again. I told everyone at work yesterday about "Oh balls" and what you thought it meant. You're so cute!

Hope your week is going well.

Kelsey said...

Awesome WFMW thanks so much! Have a great day!

jen said...

I am always amazed at how much my two and four-year-old is able to help. They love cleaning and think it is so fun to help! I'm hoping that they can keep that attitude through their teenage years! : )

Tara said...

Really great ideas.. I am really struggling with my almost 4 year old little guy... There isn't anything he doesn't try.. ugh... I really try to let him help me.. but after 5 second of fun.. he is bored.. water is flying or he is launching things over the landing.. ugh.. lol I appreciate your ideas.. I'll try them.. *deep breath* lol