Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Vote, NC!

Everyone in North Carolina, don't forget to vote in the primaries today! I am always excited to vote and take it very seriously before making a decision on who I like best. I am very conservative and Catholic, so the vast majority of the time I am in the Republican side of issues. This election, I am voting for Fred Smith for Governor, Eric Smith for School Superintendent, and McCain for president. Though honestly, I really wanted Fred Thompson to still be in the runnings. He was my favorite pic for president, but really since all the power lies in Congress, there is only so much change (or lack of change) a president can get away with.

For a few things (like gay marriage) I am on the "left", and that is only because the very Republican, "right" side of me feels the strict interpretation of the Constitution calls for separation of church and state, therefore in my views, it is a churches choice to marry or not marry whom they choose, just as it is the government's choice to marry or not marry whom they choose, the difference being one is viewed as being religious as well as legal and the other only being legal. So really, I don't even see the argument against allowing court unions for gays.

Anyway, that is me, I hope I didn't offend anyone and these area just my current views and a few of my choices. I hope you all have fun voting! Remember girls, we got the right to vote in 1920-we should use it!!*Thanks to Karen for catching my mistyped date for the 19th ammendment, I was giving us an extra 100 years! Whoops!*


Andrea said...

I voted, I voted!! I am like you, I think long and hard before voting and I consider it a great privilege! I was so excited to vote this morning and our little neighborhood voting spot was HOT! So many people. It really made me happy. Yay!

Karen said...


When I went, just a minute ago, there was hardly anyone at the poll. I guess no one goes on their lunch hour around here. I am very excited to hear about how the media portrays our primary here, since it was a big topic these last few weeks. I even changed my party affiliation so I could vote on the candidates I wanted to this time! haah.