Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

Today, 4 years ago, Bill and I got married! It is amazing to realize how quickly the time has flown by! It really feels like we just got married, yet we have been together forever-such a wonderful place to be!

Our honeymoon was at Disney World-gosh I would love to go back to those 10 days of fun!! On top of the Disney touch of magic (they really know how to celebrate newlyweds, we got all kinds of free goodies and great stuff!!) there is nothing like coming back to your hotel to have it all cleaned. And drinking champagne in a pool. Nice!! I really can't wait to go back down with the kids-THAT will be SO FUN!!

Tonight I am making a dominant dinner for Bill and Little Dude is going to help me paint a homemade card. Tomorrow John is going to babysit for us again and we are planning on going out to a nice restaurant or something. Either way it will be super fun!!

Since yesterday was so rainy, I cleaned the house, so now today, even though it is still wet outside, Little Dude and I are going to go spend some time up at Lake Benson Park and play the day away.

It's going to be an awesome day.

****Added later in the day****

I came across this post while reading some of my favorite blogs. You all simply must read it-it is quite inspiring and lovely.


Kelsey said...

Happy Anniversary!

Andrea said...

Not at all is it bad to wear makeup with no foundation! It's not going to hurt a thing. And you have beautiful skin, especially right now with that preggo-glow you got going on. Something like a tinting moisturizer might be great for you, just to kind of even out the tone a bit and give you some SPF. Anytime you want some help, let me know!