Monday, May 5, 2008

My belly

Well, I am not quite at 7 months, but I thought this picture was such a cute shot of my belly I wanted to go ahead and share it, even though I am about to sneeze in the picture. I have never been photogenic. Anyways, in a week when I am officially 7 months I'll post another shot. (Perhaps my eyes will be open?) You can also see my new haircut-nothing drastic, just tons shorter and much easier for me to manage-I love it! I got my hair done by Tina at Salon 321 in Clayton. She was just fabulous, helping me find a cut that made my frizzy waves suddenly look like curl. Awesome.

I am actually hoping to get Bill to go get professional family pictures done with me-I want some really good ones of my belly and of Little Dude hugging/kissing my belly. I LOVE it when Little Dude says "baby" and kisses my tummy; I must find a way to capture it on film! So, if I can get professional ones done soon I will try to figure out a way to share them as well.

Also, this past Saturday was my brother in law John's 26th birthday! Yay! We had a really fun time getting together with friends and throwing him a party. Little Dude was the life of the party with his signature "dance moves".

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Andrea said...

You looked so cute this weekend! I love the dress you wore on Saturday night especially. And your hair looks great. She really shaped it up for you! It looks so much softer now, too.