Friday, May 23, 2008

Yesterday Was AWESOME

OK, so yesterday was AWESOME. Bill and I got to go on a date, and even though we ended up not having time to go out for Japanese Steakhouse like we planned, it worked out even better because we ended up at the Wendy's near the movie theater. Why is Wendy's special? That is the first place Bill and I went out to eat together back when we were in college and still in the very early stages of our dating status. So of course I got all teary eyed over our hamburgers and told him how very very wonderful the past 7 years have been, and how I can't believe it will be 4 years of marriage in a week. My hubby? Gave me a big kiss (and I think I saw a manly looking tearing up of the eyes)-then got me more ketchup. Ahhh, he knows the way to my heart.

The night was also great because we saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-It was super entertaining and I loved 99% of the movie.

But BUT *SPOILER ALERT*******************************************I do wish that the whole alien/time travel thing had been more deeply explained-beyond just "knowledge is their power", cause the woman that put back the skull was destroyed by it...was that because she was bad, or because she did it? I'm confused because right before she burst into the scene, Indy was going to put it back. Would it have destroyed him? And the knowledge...did anyone gain it at all? The old professor, Ox, or that woman? Is that why she burnt up? The knowledge of the universe was to much for a human brain? I dunno!! That whole part and some of the graphics were so over done that it was a little on the cartoon looking side-Like when Mutt (shia labouf) is riding on the two cars and his legs got all stretched out? Yea....pretty sure human legs don't stretch, but at the same time, they were chasing aliens so I guess really who am I to say what doesn't look real? Like, yes, I'll buy the alien power and space ship and people jumping out of walls, but that sir, NO WAY! Hahaha!*Spoiler Alert Over******

So, Little Dude and Mia had a GREAT time at the park. Pullen Park is so great for getting energy out! Here are some cute pictures, enjoy!

Little Dude waving from the bumper boats

Little Dude loving the rocking spaceship...and waving to everyone that would pay attention

Little Dude-My sweet Big Boy, who will always be my baby, no matter how many babies I have.

Little Dude coming down the slide-Wendy got the greatest picture because she is so tall-I have never gotten a good one of him up there because I am so short, so THANKS WENDY!!! (He waved before he went down)

Little Dude and Mia doing "cheers" after their picnic was done.

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