Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today is our Yard-A-Polooza! Bill and I are going to tackle all the outside house maintenance, yard work, and other such things today! Yay! I LOVE working in the yard, it is just super hard to do while watching and talking with Little Dude, so having John and Bill around the 3 of us can tag team Little Dude and get tons of work done! Whoo Hoo!! We are going to:

*Power wash the house
*Power wash the driveway
*Wash the windows
*Mow and trim the lawn
*Trim hedges and bushes
*Weed the gardens
*Plant my rose
*Spray for bugs (luckily, I can't do this job this year!)
*Spray my roses for black spot and beetle defense (or this one!! yay!)

I also got a new rose bush that I am so excited to plant-it is yellow and red striped!! COOL!!!! I have about 6 rose bushes now, and though I am pretty sure I am allergic to the rose thorns, I still love working with them and taking care of them. I love the look of blooming rose bushes. Yes, every time I get pricked with a rose thorn, I break out in an itchy red bump. Smelling roses though, and having them in the house doesn't bother me at all, so go figure, I'm weird.

I'm also super excited to teach Little Dude more words while we are messing around in the gardens. (My plan is for him to help me, hopefully it won't turn into this). His words and speaking abilities are improving by leaps and bounds everyday and I love hearing new words come out!! I also have to say he is pretty good about following direction and coming when I call, but I still get nervous in the front yard with him because of all the cars that think they need to RACE to get the the park in our neighborhood. Sigh. One day Bill and I are going to build a speed bump to slow people down. Heehee.

At any rate, I am excited to get the yard going, and if you can't tell, it is crazy early on a Saturday for me to be up-in fact, I am already showered and dressed and drinking coffee while everyone else here sleeps. For some reason I just can't sleep. I don't know if it is because of yesterday's evening events, or if it is because getting up to pee a gazillion times during the night somehow gave me energy, but at any rate, Mom is up, and I am enjoying the quiet.


kelsey said...

Thats wonderful 5 times better then what we are doing today haha

Tara said...

Hey :) Just had to run over to your blog for a sec..and thank you for the idea.. A plant for my son to take care of might be the very thing he needs.. He does like to help me cook as well.. It just seems that things often turn into a disaster lol He is pretty smart.. I think he is a little like my dad..who was ready for college at the age of 10. I can tell it frustrates my son to NO end that I don't Get it.. or that he needs MORE.. My husband told me to enroll him in KARATE lol But thank you again for your ideas... I will try those tomorrow.. :)