Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little Miss Muffet....

So, this is a Banana Spider, and they are ALL OVER the place down here in Mobile, AL. This one happens to live outside our apartment.

I happen to be SCARED TO DEATH of spiders. Cockroaches and Spiders I CAN'T STAND, any other bug or creature I am OK with. Though, as long as the spider stays outside, I am good with her, otherwise it's bye bye spider.

However, these Banana Spiders are so big, that I already told Bill that if he ever came home to find me and the kids in the van, he would know one of those giant spiders go into the house.

But, this one is kinda growing on me, and in an attempt to not make my son scared to death of spiders as well, we have even given this one a name: Charlotte.

Yes, like Charlotte's Web. I'm liking the spider more already.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my....I am getting chills just looking at them...they are freakin huge. They live in Orlando too :)...My first encounter was working at Disney. It was right behind me, hanging out on a wall...I nearly peed in my pants.