Monday, October 20, 2008

The Day..

Well, I am late finally getting a post up, but I'm sure you guys will enjoy the update:

Little Dude is pooping EVERYWHERE. JR is spitting up EVERYWHERE. Both have wanted to be held all morning and I am covered with poop and spit up. I'm still in my pjs and in desperate need of a shower to save me from the body fluids of my sons.

I am looking forward to nap time and hoping the boys go down easily, because after they go down, I have a work call, then I am taking a shower and hopefully will still have time for a nap.

Gosh, it is only Monday, (and the day isn't half done yet!) and I am fully cooked.

But in the chaos of the day thus far, it is nice knowing I can still be in my pj's, even if they are no longer clean. Ahhh, motherhood is nice, even at it's messiest.

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