Friday, October 31, 2008

Painting With The Little Dude

So, my son loves to paint, draw, run around, play ball-really anything that involves getting dirty is super to him! Taking pictures though? NOT up his alley! So, I tried to sneak in a picture of him finger painting because he looked so happy. But this is what I got:

I am hopping tonight he will be a little more friendly with the photo taking because I really want a picture of him in his dinosaur outfit and JR in his pumpkin outfit!!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays, mostly because it is one we can spend just as our nuclear family' instead of trying to figure out where to go or who to visit. It is a very nice neighborhood celebration and I LOVE that. Along with the great old scary movies (no gore for me, thank you) I just love spending the night with my sweet Bill, playing with the kids, spending time as a family, watching old black and white scary movies, and greeting all the neighborhood kids and neighbors with candy. No stress, no travel, and really very little cost for the amount of fun. Yes, I have to say it is my top holiday.

I really hope I get some good pictures of our first year with both the boys, but we will see; if I get caught with the camera all the Halloween pictures might have Little Dude frowns in them....

Happy Halloween!!

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casual friday everyday said...

Part of the fun is getting messy :)