Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cloth vs Disposible

So, I use disposable diapers and have for over 2 years now. But I am beginning to think I would like to try the cloth route.

Why, for heaven's sake?

1-My sons both poop out of their diapers every time they poop, so no matter what, I am doing laundry for poop covered clothes, so really the added washing of cloth diapers won't up my laundry bill or time.

2-Both my boys get really bad diaper rash and one of the moms I met down here said he might be allergic to the chemicals in the diapers. Though the Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment is great at fighting the rash and keeping it at bay, my friends comments made me think "gosh, perhaps I am buying a product with a chemical that is irritating his skin then I'm spending MORE money on a product to fight that irritation" Seems like a waste of money.

3-It hit me I have no idea what those chemicals are in the diapers and sometimes they get so soaked from over night wearing that little beads of something are rubbed all over my sons' skin. That kinda bothers me. What is that stuff?

4-I have found some really cute ones along with cute water proof bags to put them in.

5-I have figured the cost I will spend for these diapers (that I can use on both boys, so no multiple sizes, just one size that adjusts) and realized that it is only a little less than what we would spend a year in disposables.

6-If we are blessed with another child (which I can say right now we do want another)then if I switch to cloth, there will be NO ADDED COST. I will have everything I need. If we stay with disposable, we will roughly have to spend another 1000.00 dollars a year. And that is if Little Dude is completely out of diapers before the third child is born.

7-Also, of my mom friend down here was telling me that disposables have been linked to male infertility because they cause body heat to stay trapped. Hmmm. I have sons. And I do want grandchildren someday. :) I know that is probably a bit conspiracy theory and probably not true, BUT it did make me think-there have been times when their little bums have been sweaty and hot on hot days outside (like the past few summers) and I'm sure the plastic the diapers are made of aren't as breathable or comfortable as a cloth one would be.

8-Again, the cost. Though the cost for cloth will be all up front, it won't cost more than what we will spend this year on diapers (in fact, if we spend the same as we are now for diapers, the cloth will come out at 223.45 cents less in the long run) And remember, I already do kid poop laundry anyway. But that would not sway me completely if it weren't for the fact that we do want another child-if not two more-and the thought of saving a couple thousand dollars by using cloth is just mind boggling-think of how we could put that money in their college funds and let it!

9-All the women I have talked to about it say kids using cloth are potty trained much sooner than those in disposable because, frankly, wet cloth is not comfortable and you can't ignore it the way you can with the disposables that still feel dry even after the children have wet.

10-I am somewhat drawn to the cute colors I could get the diapers in-I know, dumb reason, but gosh aren't they cute?

11-They save landfills, and the more I look at our world and what I am leaving for our children, I want them to have a clean, safe world to live in, and putting their poopy diapers in a landfill for all eternity to let whatever those chemicals are in there to sit and leak into the ground has suddenly hit me as not worth it vs. the time it would take to throw a diaper in the washer....

Hmmmm... so what do you guys think? Anyone have suggestions for good cloth diapers? Anyone know where to get them used? Any options at all?


Stephanie said...

Awesome blog! My friend Megan is using cloth on her son Reese. She is using Bum Genius ( They have cute cloth diapers. She hasn't saved any money, but she said if they have a second child, it will pay off.

Kelsey @ MysweetLife said...

I have to say its the cute that did it for me. I mean they are just precious!!

Anonymous said...

I use cloth and LOVE it. My daughter is 10 months old and we have used it since birth. The only rash she has had was when we left her with my mom for 24 hours and she wore disposables. I actually use prefolds and thirties covers when we are at home. They sell these cool things called snappis that you can use instead of diaper pins, or you can just trifold the prefold and lay it in the cover. The best prefolds are from green mountain diapers. When we go out and I know it will be awhile before I change her and at night, we use the bumgenius. They are great! We have NEVER had a blowout with any of our cloth. I like the prefolds at home though because they are super cheap, will last through LOTS of kids and after kids they can be used as cleaning rags or something. If you want to try to find some used (I have only ever bought covers used) try , they have a FSOT board. Cloth really is fun. Oh and one other tip. Exclusively breastfed poo can just go straight in the washer but once they start solids it needs to be dumped first. The best thing EVER is a diaper sprayer. It hooks to your toliet and is like a bidet and you can spray the poo right off. You can buy them, or if you have a handy husband, like mine, he was able to just go to lowes and hook one up for me.

Swansons said...

I am going to send you some info that a mom on one of my message boards gave us.
She is really knowledgeable and I am sure she would be willing to answer any questions for you!
I have to tell you though- I know how much you hate laundry- so that is my only concern. But I think it is a great idea otherwise!