Friday, October 10, 2008


My friend, Steph, has wonderful posts up here and here

And there is some great Motherhood questioning going on here

To be honest, I am going to have to think hard about my answers-What do I excel in as a Mother? If you asked that about my crafty skills, or back when I was in high school, I'd have a whole slew of answers for you, eager to show off what I thought I did very well in. But now? I honestly don't know that I excel at motherhood. I do my best, I have fun doing it, but excel? There is really not much that I do that I feel would win me mother of the year. I often don't have the dishes done, or the laundry folded. Sometimes I forget the time and naps are late. And yes, sometimes when I work I turn on the tv to keep Little Dude busy. So am I a good mom? I don't know. I'm glad The Extraordinary Ordinary asked, but I really can't pin point anything that I am just super great at as a Mom. In fact, I would say I am all around mediocre.

And let's not even get started on what I fail at as a parent. I can think of many more of those than I want to admit. The biggest? Since having JR I fail at leaving the house. It's hard for me to get everything together and done and out the door without just feeling like the effort is not worth it. But deep inside I know it is, and so I keep trying, over and over again because I know someday I'll get it. And I fail at patience. Again, since JR, I know I have much less patience, and I try to blame it on lack of sleep, but really I know that it is just because I am overwhelmed with all the things I want and try to do with the kids, and get upset when I can't get them accomplished.

But you know, I think it is OK to be mediocre at Mothering, because my Love is bigger than Everest, and eventually I will make it to the summit. I know the view from the top will be well worth the climb.

And then, we will make it out the door without me forgetting half the stuff we need, enjoy a nice picnic at the park without anyone running away as I try to grab the baby and catch him, Little Dude wont fall while I'm not paying attention and bust his lip open, and I will come home to a nice clean house, dinner ready on time, dishes done, laundry done,....

Who am I kidding, the laundry will never be done.

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