Monday, October 27, 2008

Hands On Learning For Me

As a family we went to the park after church on Sunday and it was so fun to watch my husband and Little Dude running around all the play equipment. Watching them play made me realize something very important:

There is nothing like hands on learning.

Yes, there are TONS of awesome toys out there, educational toys, toys that teach languages, math skills, reading skills, improve brain power....but you know what? Of all my years being around kids, it took watching my son and husband play to realize the BEST learning happens when you are with your kid.

Be it showing him how to roll down a hill (much to his sheer amazement and joy!) or letting him stir flour in a bowl while making pancakes, your child will learn the most by watching and being with you.


Jillian said...

Someone sent me this, but now Kelsey says it's not true. I emailed the blog owners and am waiting to hear back. I think it is true because I remember her saying she was 15 somewhere and now all these blog posts are missing on her site!!!

casual friday everyday said...

I agree. There's a place for all the new toys but nothing quite like hands on playing!