Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Perfect Dress at Shabby Apple

As a new mom, I hate shopping for clothes. Nothing fits, and it is hard finding clothes in those first few post partum months that make my body look fabulous, instead of "good for having just had a baby". It can be a bit alarming when you try on size after size, realize how much your body changed during your pregnancy, and how some of that just is never going to go back to "before". Thus, my newly founded hatred of the mall.

Never fear though, I have found a perfect solution to dreaded clothes shopping for moms everywhere!! Not only do I get to avoid trying to juggle two kids, all their STUFF, a double stroller (though awesome for keeping the kids from running off, you can't avoid the size), and stacks of clothes in every size possible hoping, er praying, that one item might fit, I get to help fight global poverty with my purchase! Now that is a shopping experience!

What is this wondrous place I speak of? The Shabby Apple. And trust me, their clothes and amazing accessories are anything but shabby!

Learn more about the Shabby Apple line of chic everyday, every night and every occasion dresses by reading the rest of my review! You can also earn a discount on your next purchase-learn the details here!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I've been watching your newbaby videos and you do such a great job! I love Shabby Apple, too- if you see the Method party pics, you'll see Ivy & I in matching dresses from there! : )


Caitlin said...


I too heart shabby apple. I have the cleopatra dress in black and it's amazing. I bought it to wear on the honeymoon but couldn't wait that long :) I'm super excited to use the discount code now :)