Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where has the time gone?

JR has started rolling! Oh. My. Goodness. How has that much time gone by? He offically started on Monday night with one roll from his back to tummy, but now he is rolling every which way and even scooting a little on his tummy by kicking his back legs.

And major Uh Oh for me...I know have two mobile kids!! I have been spoiled in the safety of knowing that wherever I put JR down, he would stay....not anymore! I have a feeling I'm now entering the adventure part of parenting....


casual friday everyday said...

Awww, they do grow up so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Hey there hun.
This is Shannon from God Gave Me You. Your little guy is so cute.
Doesn't look like a preemie at all, but 34 weeks is pretty safe.
I have cafemom and I am going to add you so please stay in touch and visit my blog again!
My cafemom name is plm280