Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh My Motrin

Wow, Motrin. You didn't have any moms on your test panel did you? Did you even realize that the week you released this ad was International Babywearing Week? Dang guys.

Here is a new ad Motrin is running that is very ANTI babywearing. Now, if you don't wear your baby-and I count wearing as ALL carriers, bjorn, snuggli, maya wrap, ergos...etc-then that is cool-you are the parent and thus you know what works to keep you and your baby happy. So, if wearing your baby isn't a happy thing, then don't do it, and that is OK. For example, I don't sleep with my baby-personal choice, my family's thing, and what is best for us; babywearing is what is best for us and I love it.

Now watch this commercial:

OK, so what did you think of the tone? I thought it was quite mocking, and downright negative about babywearing. Which, to me makes no difference, except I will probably just think twice about buying Motrin. After all, if they can't put some real effort and research into their ads, why should I trust them to put effort and research into something I ingest?

For moms that haven't tried it, or moms who have yet to welcome their babies homes, I feel this ad is very ANTI babywearing, and actually makes it seem like it is a "trendy pain in the back" that ranks up there with designer handbags and the latest runway fashion stilettos. Their commercial makes it sound like babywearing is stupid-and it even lays out a little guilt to those that don't by saying you have to babywear to be an "official" mom. WHAT? No way! EVERYONE with a child, awaiting a child, trying for a child, lost a child, adopting a child, caring for a child and LOVING a child is an official and WONDERFUL mom.

And beyond babywearing, does it not make you feel like they are saying women are dumb enough do anything to be trendy, even endure pain for which they must take meds for? Maybe a fashion model does, or a movie star, but last I checked the moms buying Motrin are pretty smart and far more practical. I personally love fashion, but I don't do anything or wear anything that is going to cause me enough pain I have to take medication for it. Actually, Motrin people, I came across babywearing by trying to find a way to avoid the pain of carrying my baby in my arms or a normal front carrier (I had a Snuggli, and I could not adjust it to fit my shortness AND at the 10lb mark, my back killed me; sorry Snuggli) and found my ring slings and pouch slings to be great and pain free alternatives.

My friend Steph here at Adventures in Babywearing has tips on how to wear your baby and points out: if wearing your baby is hurting, then you are doing it WRONG. Instead of buying Motrin you need to get some advice or have someone show you how to adjust your carrier to fit you so that the pain stops.

Also, the reason babywearing is more for wraps, slings, pouches, and mei tais and (sorta) excludes Bjorn and Snuggli type carriers is because those DO hurt your back. They put all they baby's weight on your upper back, so once your baby reaches a good weight (for me that is the 10lb mark) your back will hurt after more than a short walk. With a good sling, pouch, mei tai, wrap, ergo, beco, or what have you, the baby's weight is evenly distributed through your shoulders, hips and back, keeping you from having pain because you don't end up with one pressure point supporting your baby. Your whole body supports your baby.

So, Motrin, perhaps you should have a babywearing mom on your marketing panel? And don't forget to hire some people that research what is going on in the world at the time you release your ads. After all, an anti babywearing ad during International Babywearing Week, when TONS of Babywearing Moms are on the internet sharing pictures and chatting it up, is not the smartest PR move.

After all, ALL those moms do need pain medication. We are girls you know, so at least once a month we need something. And they may have bought Motrin, but now you have quite upset a lot of them, be them loyal customers or prospective customers of Motrin.

Thoughts? Questions? I myself sent a comment to Motrin letting them know I thought the ad was rather misleading for new moms considering babywearing and made a mockery of an ANCIENT, inexpensive, and easy (not trendy) way of caring for children.


onemotherslove said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my post! I just tried to show the ad to DH on Motrin's website & their entire site wouldn't pull up. Good for us. : )

curdiemer said...

I am stunned. What a condescending commercial. You're right. There's no way they did any research. My ring sling is what makes it possible to carry my baby for hours on end without pain.

casual friday everyday said...

Snarky, condensending and downright OFF THE MARK!

Aside from the fact that babywearing never hurt me (and I have big babies and wore my oldest up until I got he was 3 1/2) I also didn't wear my babies because of some fad or cause it was in fashion.

I'm so glad to see that we Moms were heard and they took it down.

Mom of Three said...

Well said. Found you on Adventures in Babywearing. What a condescending and inaccurate ad.