Monday, November 24, 2008

Letters to Mothers

Oh my, I think I want to cry. There is a husband and father out here in the blogosphere who, instead of buying a gift for his wife, is gathering up letters of encouragement and advice from moms to turn into a book to give his wife as a Christmas gift. OH. MY. GOSH. How SWEET!!!

So, I have given my advice and letter by submitting it here and you guys all should too, because, after all, this is so thoughtful and sweet!!

You can also see what Steph and Shannon have to say about this awesome hubby and you can read more about him and the wonderful reasoning behind his gift over at Shannon's blog, Rocks In My Dryer.

And for those of you wondering, here is my letter:

Dear Mother,

One piece of wisdom I got from my mother in law, that she got from her mother in law, is this:

"The hardest thing in the world is to tell your child no. The most important thing in the world is to tell your child no."

I have hit that time with my toddler-when I want so badly to give him everything he wants, (and since we have the money to do it, the temptation is especially hard to fight) but as I follow the advice, and say no, I realize I am teaching my son a far better lesson than just patience. I am teaching him that not everything will go his way all the time, and he must learn to accept that.

Because someday, he will be a man, and I certainly don't want to raise a man who thinks he should get everything he wants when he wants it; it would be a disservice to him and to me to allow him to grow up thinking that way.

And so, I follow the advice, and say no to things, knowing those tears and tantrums now will make him a better man, later.