Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!!

I love the fall-all the lovely leaves, the crisp air, and all the holidays and food! Yummy! But you know, I don't know that I have ever truly celebrated Thanksgiving the way that perhaps I should. Or for that matter even thought of Thanksgiving in the way I should. Sure, I get excited about the food, the family-I even stress and moan about "how are we going to fit in visits to everyone..."

This year though, as I watch friends lose jobs, notice homes going up for foreclosure where families once played....I must say I am thinking of Thanksgiving a little differently. I am really quite humbled, and THANKFUL that my family is well, and we are able to live the quality of life we have. We are pretty darn blessed and lucky.

I often feel like I fail as a parent because the house isn't cleaned, I didn't make it to library time, dinner isn't ready in time....but I am able to afford staying home. And for me, that is a huge blessing.

All of us should be thankful, especially now as we watch people lose their jobs and homes. I should be thankful even for that dust up on the TV and the stains on my carpet I have yet to get out, simply because I haven't bothered to open the can of cleaner I bought months ago. All the toys my children have. We can pay the heating bill; we can afford for me to not work. Heck, I work from home just for the EXTRA money for me to spend however I want. HOWEVER I WANT.

And I find things to complain about, to NOT be Thankful for, like having to move to Alabama for my husband's job, and for that, I am rather embarrassed. Thank God he has a job, right?

So, this Thanksgiving, am going to focus on the giving, because I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

You too can focus on the giving of today, by going through your home, cleaning out the items that are collecting dust, and give them to charities that help people and families that have hit hard times. Our local church here in NC AND in AL are involved in Catholic Charities, and even if you aren't Catholic, (or even Christian) Catholic Charities is a HUGE was to help others and you can even do all your giving anonymously, be it through money, food, or home items. Every bit can help.

And for those of you that enjoy outdoor work, Habitat For Humanity can use help right now as well, especially with winter coming quickly! How wonderful would it be to build a home for someone that otherwise wouldn't have one this Christmas? (And don't worry, you need NO experience-if I can do it you can too, TRUST me).

Yes, I am going to be Thanksgiving, and I hope you all do too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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lisa said...

This was absolutely the best Thanksgiving I have ever had thank you so much for having me over to share it with you and Bills family!