Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Brother, Big Brother

Well, again, I have done my best to get pictures of the boys together. I was hoping I could capture a super cute image to use for our Christmas cards. Since no one is screaming or hiding their faces from the camera, I have to say these two might just be successes!

We might be trying again later with a better background-outside would be nice-but if all else fails, (or if I completely forget and run out of time) you guys might be seeing these again this Christmas...

And I must have been crazy tired when I wrote my post last night, because I read it again today and realized I typed my intro twice...nice going Miche...see what motherhood does to you?


Andrea said...

Oh my, super cute! I want you too look at JZ's pictures where he is really cheesing, and then look at Little Dude's cheesy picture. It's the same face!! LoL.

I think you did a great job - these are great Christmas Card photos.

Caitlin said...

You my dear, have absolutely adorable children. What a great Christmas card...I love the shirts!

And to answer your question: the door in our e-pics really was pink. Not that pink, but PINK.

abbyjess said...

I can't even imagine trying to get a "good" picture of two. I have a hard enough time with my one guy. Sometimes, we just have take what we can get.