Sunday, November 16, 2008

Phthalates Not For US

Yes, so I just recently discoverd another parenting thing to worry about (like there isn't enough already): Phthalate.

Phthalate is a chemical used in MOST baby products that makes plastic soft.

It is not harmful unless ingested or absorbed through the skin; THUS my new thing to worry about: it is used in teethers. And baby wash. And baby shampoo. And baby toys.

When was the last time your baby didn't put something in his mouth? Yea, I thought so.

SO, I did some research, and found out that even if you are careful with selecting products, manufacturers aren't going to list the product because they aren't required to. Awesome. So, you can't even find out if that new teether or sippy cup you got is full of phthalates or not; but I guess we can go ahead and assume it is.

Starting in Feb 2009 the chemical will be banned from use in children's toys and items (like baby wash)

But until then, you need to look for items that specifically say they DON'T have phthalate. One baby wash I found is baby pHisoderm, so that is safe to buy! You can watch my vlog below for more info, or google phthalate yourself to see all the nice information on it.

You can see my review of baby pHisoderm body wash on my Miche Reviews page or by checking out my video below!

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casual friday everyday said...

Why oh why do "they" have to keep making things (toys, shampoos, foods and vaccines) so darned toxic for our sweet little babies????

And why must we be the ones to spend more money and time hunting down the products that won't do harm? You'd think it would just be common sense not to put so many chemicals in everything we use on ourselves and our kids.