Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Years Ago Today...

Two years ago today, my Little Dude was born, forever changing my view on life. Things that once seemed important, no longer were, when compared to my little guy and his needs. My role in life changed into something I now hold so dear and special that honestly I don't know I to describe it.

I am his mother, and I have been so blessed to share in his life moments, from being born, to crawling, to now taking part in pretend play and talking to his toy puppy. Ahhh, life is more wonderful than I ever dreamed, back two years ago when I officially became "mom".

And now, I get to journey on the road leaving babyhood behind and entering boyhood. And as sad as that statement makes me, it also excites me because I know Bill and I have such grand adventures ahead with our "Little Dude"

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Dude!

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Popple, and Popple you will always be to me!!

Give him lots of kisses from Auntie Andrea (that is, if he'll let you!)