Monday, September 22, 2008

Hammer with Cheese?

Words are just flying our of my Little Dude's mouth and I am amazed more and more every day with just how smart and quick he is! I am in awe of my awesome little man.

Saturday night Bill and I decided to try out a fast food place we had never been too, "Whataburger". (It was very good) But, while Bill and I were driving in the rain to see what kind of quick eating spots Mobile, AL offered, we were talking about what we felt like eating. Since it appeared there were a TON of hamburger placed we had never heard of, we decided to try one.

As we were making the decision of ordering, for the fun of it, we asked Little Dude what he felt like eating, not really expecting him to say something that would be a choice on the menu. But to our wonder, he said very clearly

"Hammer cheese, please"

It was such a delight to hear that little voice requesting a "hammer with cheese", and so, we got him his own cheeseburger (usually he would share some of ours) and once we got home set it all out on the table: Bill's burger, my burger, and Little Dude's burger. Oh it was such a cute site to see him dig into his very own "Hammer cheese".

Oh I am loving these cute toddler years!


Andrea said...

Whataburger!! I am so jealous. We have those in Tulsa and they are open 24 hours and serve breakfast 24 hours, too.

Now I am hungry for a Hammer Cheese! You tease. :)

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Although "Whataburger" sounds like the best place ever... it sure takes a long and distant second place to "Hammer cheese" any day! When little ones start to string words together like this... with meaning... well, I'd rather hear this than be the CEO of Burger King! Keep the precious words and phrases coming in your blog!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That's adorable. And I don't eat much meat, but that's sounding really good right about now!